Latin Millennial Entrepreneur Cracking the Code to Branding

Jose Vega is a creative entrepreneur with over 8 years of experience in the branding industry. He has helped many individuals develop and launch multi-seven figure brands, including his own. Jose’s knowledge on branding is unparalleled, & he famously quoted as saying  “Branding is your story, marketing is how you tell it.”

As an expert branding consultant, instructor, speaker, and trainer Vega has been credited as an owner of a multi 7 figure company that he exited to later pursue other ventures. While helping many individuals develop and launch their own multi 7 figures brands. He is responsible for developing over $50 million in brands collectively for his clients.

quoted “branding is about developing a one-of-a-kind story for your product or service that communicates what makes it different from all the others out there” which is why he focuses on listening to his client’s needs and goals before working together to create branded campaigns that will resonate with their target audience.

Vega has recently turned his attention towards educating & consulting individuals on his strategic process of creating successful, personal & commercial brands that produce record-breaking results, through his course “ Brand That Sells”.

Heavily involved in the Hispanic & black community with the development of minority-owned brands & businesses, his goal is to impact & educate his community. Bringing a new wave of diversity in entrepreneurship, & ownership that will break the trend & provide generational wealth for many.

Vega, Branded by Vega, as he is known on social media and to his friends, is Tampa Florida’s first NFT artist and recently successfully launched & managed his own personal branded gif campaign with over 27 million views!

At 28 years old His passion for branding has led him to develop great expertise in his industry, as well as tons of first-hand experience that he shares with his clients. Jose Vega has already accomplished so much: developing brands from scratch and helping them reach great heights; opening doors to opportunities for himself by taking risks in business; learning from mistakes and successes alike; being grateful every day for all that God has given him thus far in life. This journey isn’t over yet!, In fact, it’s just the start.

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