Kimberly Stone: Side Hustles Models Can Do in b/w Jobs

Work in the Beauty Industry

As a model, you come across different ways one can beautify themselves. You can consider working in the beauty industry as a hairstylist, beauty specialist, or makeup artist. Use the skills you learn during modeling to pave a new path for yourself. There is a growing need for beauty specialists as ladies strive to find ways to look their best. You can beautify your friends and family during events and have them market you. You will gain new connections you can use to advance your modeling career.

Become a Fashion Blogger

Being a model will expose you to different fashion styles. If you have a keen sense of style, you can use this to your advantage. You can start a fashion blog where you educate your audience on the fashion styles suitable for each season. Plus-size ladies have a hard time getting stylish clothes. Your blog can help them find their style and earn you money at the same time. 

Create Floral Arrangements

There will always be a demand for floral arrangements for various reasons. Whether it is to decorate dinner tables, for weddings, or funerals, flowers always have a place. If you have an artistic eye and are good at organizing and combining different arrangements, this job is for you. Play with different colors, sizes, and textures to produce floral masterpieces you can sell. 

Start a Business

There are several businesses you can start that will not affect your modeling career. You can become a dog walker, tutor or baby sitter during your spare time. You can start selling things online or become an affiliate marketer. Starting a business is a good idea if you have an entrepreneurial spirit. One good business idea is being a fitness instructor. People want to keep fit and you can share your routine and guide others at a fee. 

Work in the Customer Service Sector

If you have a friendly nature, you can work in the customer service sector. You can become a receptionist or become a virtual assistant. There are temporary jobs available for receptionists where you are not required to work every day but still get a decent income. You will also be free to do auditions and you don’t have to work at night. If you become a virtual assistant, you can work from home according to your schedule. 

Become a Fashion Designer

You can become a fashion designer if you know how to design. There is always a need for something new and you can earn by selling your designs. You can market your designs by modeling them yourself or looking for other models. You can also showcase your work online for your audience to see.  

Become a Social Media Influencer

If you love shopping and trying new things, you can consider being a social media influencer. You can start doing fashion hauls and get hired by brands to endorse their clothes and accessories. You can show customers where to get products and how to use them. Not only will you earn from this, but you will also save by getting discounts and free samples. 

Work in Sales

You can get into the retail industry and become a salesperson. You can sell products in fashion stores and even online. Working in sales can expand your knowledge as you interact with more people. 

Become an Actress

If you want to get into the entertainment industry, you can go for acting classes to become an actress. Acting is not easy and you need to gain exposure. You can start by taking small roles and advance as you gain experience. 

Become a Photographer 

If you love taking photos and find yourself taking perfect photos, you can consider being a photographer. All you need is to have a good camera and you can start. Create a portfolio by taking pictures of friends, family, places, and objects. This can help when you are looking for clients. You can post your photos online to attract a bigger market. This is something fun that can fill your pockets. 

Most of these jobs will not prevent you from modeling. They can help you build connections that can help you in the future. It also helps that you can earn from them. Who knows? You might end up turning it into your main hustle. 

Kimberly gives advice to girls entering the modeling and fashion industry and says, “According to Mary Kay, we start losing collagen at 18. Plus-size models should be fit too. They can have abs and tone too. It’s competitive. Some of the most beautiful women are plus-size. Go to college and take acting classes.”

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