Kristina Urribarres: Makeup and Fashion Guru

black and brown makeup brush set

Kristina Urribarres started out as a makeup artist on YouTube, before branching out to fashion, skincare, fitness and comedy on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook, amassing more than 750,000 followers across her social media platforms. 

Kristina is Ukrainian and Cuban. She was born in Ukraine and moved to the States at the age of 12. She graduated from Old Dominion University with a bachelor of science in Psychology, before moving across the country to Los Angeles alone, in order to pursue social media full time. 

Since moving to Los Angeles, she has worked with multiple skincare, fashion and makeup brands. She was hand-picked to be the face of Derma E, a Los Angeles based cruelty-free skincare brand, among many others. Kristina is also gluten-free and has supported being vegetarian for a long time. 

In addition to beauty brands, Kristina was also chosen a one of just 12 fitness instructors to represent the new fitness app, TurboFit. Her category is dance-fitness and Zumba. Kristina has taught Zumba classes in person, as well as online and she likes to combine different genres of music, like techno with salsa. This is what makes her classes unique. She loves to make everyone feel included and customizes her routine according to the participants in her class. It is important to Kristina to make everyone in her dance fitness class to feel welcome and free to express themselves. 

Kristina also began to post comedy videos to TikTok and Facebook with her friends. Some of her viral videos reached 20 million views on TikTok (the “Birthday cake prank”) and 100 million views on Facebook (the “Beach shampoo prank”). This helped establish her social media presence as well. 

Kristina started filming makeup tutorials and fashion try-on hauls for YouTube for fun. All while she was going to university full time and working full time to pay for classes. That hobby has now turned into a full-time job creating content for multiple platforms. 

One piece of advice Kristina has for anyone who wants to become a content creator is to go for it and be consistent. Everyone has a unique talent or outlook on life that they can share with the world and they just have to find their niche. Posting content without caring what others think is key, because when she began posting YouTube videos in Virginia over a decade ago, nobody who lived there understood it. But she pushed on anyway. Consistency is the second part of the success equation. Show your followers that you care and post for them often! 

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