Leav: When Technology is Part of the Future of In-Store Retail

How often have you found yourself in a situation like this: you need to pick up a few things and have limited time to do so? You head towards your store of choice only to find long line-ups at the checkout counter and decide to abandon your purchase because you simply don’t have the time to wait. According to a study by Capgemini, 60% of shoppers are put off by this type of experience. Even self-service checkouts can have people waiting for ages once the ‘unexpected item found in the baggage area’ message is heard. All these experiences inconvenience you and create a lost sale for the retailer. According to a recent survey from Adyen, a leading payment provider, each year, $21.9 billion is lost at the checkout point, a staggering amount of money! So how can some of these losses be recouped? Leav

Picture this: same scenario – you have limited time to go shopping, but this time around, your retailer has Leav, an intuitive mobile self-checkout. All you need to do is scan the Leav QR Code upon entering the store – and start shopping by scanning the barcode on each item you wish to purchase. Once done, hit pay on your smartphone and walk out of the store. Done. No waiting at the checkout line to pay! Oh…and if you see something you like but not in your size or color? Buy the item in-store simultaneously as your other purchases, and it will be delivered right to your doorstep. 

Who or what is Leav?

Leav is a tech startup that began like most disruptors do…trying to find a solution to a problem. Their tech team of a little over 20-something identified a relatable problem that everyone has experienced – long checkout lines – and fixed it with technology resulting in reduced checkout time from the traditional 5 minutes to 5 seconds. 

And it’s genius. Why? Because Leav’s currency is not merely dollars and cents: it’s time. Valuable time is given back to the customer instantaneously. And saving time is in Leav’s DNA: this is not an app that needs to be downloaded. Just scan, pay, and leave. 

“We believe that the future of retail is in-store and all one needs to do is enhance the customer experience. Leav does just that by providing retailers the tools to automate low-value tasks to help them focus on what really matters – the in-store customer experience and sales,” said Evgeny Grachev, Leav’s Co-founder and Chief Product Officer. 

In Forbes’ article ‘Wait A Minute: Is This the End of the Line for Queuing?’ author Astrid Pocklington mirrors this sentiment: “Increased self-service adoption can relieve pressure on call center service lines and checkout queues, leading to an enhanced customer experience for all of us.”

Leav is a winning proposition not only for customers but also for retailers. The data collected from the platform allows for real-time metrics such as inventory control, saving retailers time and money. No more costly inventory days, where employees must count and log each item in the sale store. And sales promotions and discounts can be offered to shoppers instantaneously as an item’s barcode is scanned. 

Another benefit to retailers is the interaction between staff and customers. By eliminating the traditional checkout process, staff can focus on more valuable sales interactions and can help showcase products within the store. A surprising upside is an increase in customer service and an overall enhanced customer experience. 

Recently, leading intimate apparel retail chain la Vie en Rose signed on with Leav starting with an initial rollout in its Montreal stores with planned expansion into Toronto before the end of 2022.  

As the customers shopping experience changes, so do the possibilities for Leav, opening the door for more retailers to embrace the user-friendly platform. 

Who thought shopping could be THAT easy and quick?  (Leav did!)

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