Lexi Lucks Put Together a Trans Burlesque Team

Have you ever wondered how burlesque pop-ups come to be? How does a business like that run? Who runs it? What are their goals? Now we have the answers for you as we dive into Transcend, an all-inclusive event space. This space was born when Lexi Lucks put together a trans burlesque team.


Lexi Lucks is well-known around the world for her transition from male model to beach babe on the show Hook on the Look. In reality, she is much more than her transition; she is an entertainer, producer, gamer, and model. She graduated from the University of Nevada with a Bachelors in Multidisciplinary Studies and Liberal Arts with a minor in Dance. Her experience in college and her passion for entertainment pushed her to create a company that would feature a marginalized community and become inclusive. That is how Transcend came to be.


Transcend is a burlesque pop-up venue featuring trans dancers. Every performer carries a personal story with them, and this platform allows for a minority group to shine and show what they can do with their talent. The idea behind it is to create a safe space for transgender women to thrive in the entertainment industry and to create a place where everyone feels included and women do not feel discriminated. Every woman has the opportunity to join the ranks and grow.


Lexi Lucks believes this burlesque team is inspirational to the entire community. “It is imperative for small, marginalized communities like the trans community to have positive role models and a healthy atmosphere.” That is exactly what Transcend does and has been doing since its creation. Lucks makes sure the team does not forget about their goal as they continue to grow and put on shows across California.


Transcend is not only inclusive of every individual, but of all sorts of performances. Audiences can enjoy stand-up comedy, dancing burlesque tease, and pageantry, among others. As a pop-up event, they offer private parties and hostessing. Their most recent event was College Night on November 18, hosted by Lexi Lucks and offering different shows to keep guests entertained.


Transcend shows burlesque events are much more than pretty women dancing. They can be about communities that had been marginalized for so long, about dreams of successful dancing careers, and about putting on an amazing show. Lexi Lucks put together a trans burlesque team to show this community has so much to offer and to create a safe space for them to express themselves and share their talent.

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