Little Bipsy: A Modern Collection For Your Little Styler!

What problem does Little Bipsy solve?

When the company’s founder, Brittani Little, couldn’t find modern and stylish clothes for her newborn son, she decided to pursue her dreams and design her own items. Little Bipsy’s clothing collections are high-quality pieces that make it fun to dress little ones daily. From basic core staples like our beloved pullover and joggers to stylish modern pieces like our denim jackets, Little Bipsy has the perfect outfits for the whole family.

Tell us about the founder. What is their background?

Brittani was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Before starting Little Bipsy, she spent several years in dentistry. She always knew her talents were very creative, so she decided to pursue her dreams of designing clothes. The name “Little Bipsy” was given to Brittani by her late grandfather (who she called Poppy), when she was just a baby. Her Poppy passed when she was a teenager, but his love and support of her dreams live is very much alive in her heart each day. So much so that Brittani opened a brick-and-mortar Little Bipsy store in downtown Edmonds, Washington, where her grandfather lived.

How did they come up with the idea?

The idea for Little Bipsy came about following the arrival of Brittani’s son, Conor, in April 2015. As a first-time Mom, she was so excited to start shopping and curating adorable outfits but found that baby basics with a modern style were nearly impossible to find. She quickly realized her passion was elsewhere and left behind her 12-year career in the dental industry to pursue her dream of designing a modern, stylish, and comfortable collection for our littles. Through a bit of struggle, Brittani finally found a manufacturer that could work with her minimums and very little budget. Her first design was the “Classic Romper.” Soon after, she began designing a line of flexible sole H-Tops designed for developing feet and new walkers. Between the Romper and the H-Tops combo, Little Bipsy hit the social media market at just the right time and created the buzz and following. Since the debut of Little Bipsy’s first two pieces, the company has expanded to include clothing + accessories collections for children and adults. 

How can this transform the world or our day-to-day lives?

Little Bipsy is dedicated to giving back to the community. The company’s long-term goal is to create a non-profit foundation offering support and resources throughout the journey of pregnancy while providing love and a safe place for babies and being a stepping stone for healthy family development. Currently, Little Bipsy is in the production of several thousand newborn boxes that will be distributed at local hospitals in Washington state for new mothers. The boxes will include items for both the baby and the mother. The company’s goal is to expand this offering nationwide and produce hundreds of thousands of boxes.

What do customers love most about the product?

Little Bipsy’s customers are truly amazing and very loyal. We often hear accolades about our top-notch quality and design, specifically regarding fit and style. Also, they frequently share how our customer service exceeds their expectations and is the best in the industry. We pride ourselves on making sure our customers always come first. Visit the Little Bipsy VIP page to hear what customers are saying!

Where can people get this product?

You can purchase our items at our website,, in our store in downtown Edmonds, Washington, or at one of our retailers nationwide.

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