Mark Savage launches Sanders Logistics after completing Alix Burton’s “Good Energy Mastery Course”

Mark Savage

Mark Sanders, Jr had to take a chance on himself. The 29-year-old entrepreneur, better known as CEO Mark Savage, got his first placement back in 2014 on Kevin Gates By Any Means it took him much longer to see a clear way forward. He graduated in 2012 from Full Sail University with an degree in Audio Engineering. Then attending Livingstone College 2013. Savage spent many nights in his dorm room creating music aside from college life. He’s always strived to be the best in everything he does. Military, Registered Dental Hygienist, Father, Husband, his fraternity, professional boxing career, etc. No matter what, music was still at his side.Investing in private equity, however, is a multi-year process, as the strongest portfolios are diversified collections of funds with different vintage years, meaning the date the funds begin to put capital to work. 

Transportation is one of our most important resources, especially during/after the pandemic. Essential goods are worthless sitting in a warehouse, and this is where the road warriors known as truckers provide a critical service to society. Mark Sanders, who goes by CEO Mark Savage, now provides an invaluable service to this industry and its employees.

Mark was never a truck driver, but he has an amazing business mind. In 2016, he started in the music industry, ghostwriting and recording music, and followed this up with helping his Fraternity Brother Trey Durr with Durr Capital Group in 2019. Now with a few records that made it to RIAA and a real estate firm being 10 million plus in assets, he’s deciding to expand into transportation. CEO Mark Savage was inspired to join by Alix Burton’s success and decided to take his Good Energy Courses. Now with a projected launch date of May 2023, Sanders has already made connections with many Freight Brokers and Carriers. 

Sanders said “I’ve sat back after getting all my education and serving in the military to see what I wanted to create outside of music, and everything led to logistics. CEO Mark Savage has also expressed interest in trucking in the stock market and government contracts. The name of his company — Sanders Logistics— is no accident. “It’s my last name and it’s my legacy to my son,” CEO Mark Savage says. He credits the family-like atmosphere as essential to his success.

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CEO Mark Savage believes it’s the small, personal things that he and his team do that help set that at-home feeling for his freight carriers. In his research, CEO Mark Savage found that one of the biggest driver complaints is that they feel “treated like a number.” To let his drivers know that he cares, CEO Mark Savage plans to take the time to get know all of them on a personal level. He will ensure to make sure every driver is referred to by name and they acknowledge important events like birthdays and anniversaries. Other thoughtful touches CEO Mark Savage wants to provide luxury appliances and dinners to his team when he elevates to buy his own trucks. 


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