Maui Vera Enjoys the Sun While Being Kind to the Planet

What problem does the Maui Vera solve?

With all non-reef-safe sunscreens banned in Hawaii by Oct. 1, 2022, Maui Vera meets the needs of locals and vacationers and is developing a growing fan base worldwide. Its organic, chemical-free offerings are essential for sun worshippers. Maui Vera is an organic spa-quality sun care brand that’s focused on delivering a cleaner solution for our Family and Oceans. Knowing Reef-Friendly sun care is the newest buzzword in marketing Maui Vera goes beyond the catchphrases. Maui Vera is designing sun care products that are safe for the whole family, I guess you could say “Family-Friendly”, and “Environmentally-Friendly”. It’s important to take into account the impact sun care has had on our family, swimming pools, lakes, oceans, and the marina life being exposed to these chemical products over the years.

According to the National Park Service, 14,000 tons of sunscreen enter coral reefs every year. Our slogan “Feel the Healing Touch of Hawaii” has more meaning today than when I launch the brand in 2013 to help heal my friends with sunburns while vacationing Maui. Maui Vera’s goal is to continue to make the changes that should’ve happened years ago with the sun care industry and keep it clean for our family’s future and the health of the planet.

Tell us about the founder. What is their background?

David McCord is a Maui based Massage therapist. 20 years as a massage therapist at the top spas on the island of Maui.

How did they come up with the idea?

Many of his clients were coming in sunburnt, so he wanted to create a natural, cooling, healing solution. The sunburn relief was launched in 2013. The sunscreen was released in August of 2021. I launch the brand in 2013 to help heal my friends with sunburns while vacationing Maui. I wanted to take my teaching in holistic healing and study of essential oils to formulate an Aloe serum/formula different from the normal green and blue gels.

How can this transform the world or our day-to-day lives?

The sunscreen is reef-friendly — non-reef friendly sunscreens will be banned in Hawaii after Oct 22. Maui Vera has formulated sun care that can be enjoyed by the whole family and prevent the harmful chemicals in everyday sun care.

What do customers love most about the product?

It’s organic, chemical-free and reef safe. Maui Vera’s customers love Maui Vera’s clean ingredients list that they can read and know what is in it. They also love that the products are using essential oils and not synthetic fragrances so they benefit from the essential oils on their skin and the bonus is a wonderfully uplifting scent.

Where can people get this product?

It is found everywhere in Hawaii, from ABC stores to groceries and drugstores. It’s also available on Amazon, and throughout the mainland. Maui Vera is featured in Hawaii’s top spas, family-owned boutiques, and general stores. Maui Vera is also available throughout the mainland and quickly growing to all 50 states and U.S. territories such as Puerto Rico & Guam.

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