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McGroarty & Co. Consulting

Consulting is a vital part of any business. Regardless of what industry your business operates in, its target market(s) of consumers, or the products or services it offers, you are bound to inevitably run into a hurdle or series of challenges that will require you to bring in the expertise and guidance of a professional third-party. But choosing the right consultant or consulting firm for your brand or company is far easier said than done.

Whatever your reason might be for wanting (or needing) to hire an outside consulting firm for your business, it’s crucial that the firm you choose possesses the ability to objectively assess its needs and gaps from a top-down approach with a 360-degree perspective. Though few and far between, by finding the firm that brings its wealth of knowledge, expertise, and skills to analyze and improve your own people, processes, and the values that comprise your internal culture, your business can continue to grow and thrive amidst the ever-growing, ever-changing, and constantly evolving landscape of today’s contemporary business world.

One such firm is McGroarty & Co. Consulting, LLC (MCG), based out of Marlton, New Jersey. Co-founded and led by accomplished HR consultant Alexandra McGroarty, MCG is one of the world’s leading consultancy firms that can tackle issues and implement solutions for businesses across a broad array of needs. From Human Resources and Project Management to matters of diversity and inclusion, as well as employee engagement and Change Management initiatives like mergers and acquisitions, MCG has established itself as one of the top global consulting firms in operation today.

“Every business has unique challenges,” Alexandra says, “and each challenge requires an equally unique approach to solve in a way that remains aligned with the organization, its leadership, and its internal culture. As a certified professional leadership coach and diversity professional, my work takes me through the ins and outs of every organization I work with in order to craft and implement solutions that truly solve their needs and help them meet their goals in order to create a thriving company that people are glad to work for—and with.”

Prior to co-founding MCG, Alexandra worked as the VP to another world-ranked leading Professional Service Organization where she developed the skills necessary to become an effective and capable business leader and consulting expert at both the local and global level. Now, as the head of MCG, she showcases her efficacy as a leader in implementing initiatives pertaining to engagement, retention, and diversity, focusing her abilities to help some of the world’s leading organizations bolster their employees’ lifecycle and truly meet their goals on their terms.

More recently, Alexandra was listed as a finalist for the 2021 HR Person of the Year award for her continued drive and dedication to her company, employees, and the clients they serve. Alexandra will also be making a charitable contribution to the Humanity Preservation Foundation under the name of her late husband and co-founder, Michael McGroarty, who passed away earlier in 2021.

To learn more about Alexandra, her consulting expertise, or how McGroarty & Co. can help your own business achieve its goals, visit today.

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