The Must-Have TSA-Friendly Holiday Travel Pack: Meet Nudge

What problem does Nudge solve?

Through all of our product and our subscription option, we solve a lot of problems, here are some examples :

Hard to choose the right self-care products. – In a sea of non-recyclable products with unpronounceable ingredients, Nudge wanted to offer natural and eco-friendly products. Transparency being one of our core values, we wanted our customers to know exactly what they were ingesting.

Self-care can be hard to manage for a busy person. – Nudge is the handsome, simple solution backed by a (sometimes not-so-simple) mission to find amazing responsibly made products. For you, it’s always simple—from hitting Subscribe to unwinding with your new Nudge treasures.

It can be hard to be motivated by self-care. – Nudge has a business model that’ll keep you motivated through the good and the bad. Plus, you can actually trust us. Subscription-based models have been popping up everywhere and they’re improving folks’ buying habits because of their convenient recurrence. Fact.

Tell us about the founder. What is their background?

Frank (François-Jérôme) Gosselin is an eCommerce and product development enthusiast that has a clear vision of what self-care should be. 

Frank is president of an eCommerce specialized agency and he thrives on discovering new brands and products and he definitely loves business models that challenge the way we do things.

Frank puts the human being at the center of his concerns in everything he does. Whether it is the members of his teams, his collaborators, or the users of the products he creates, Frank will always be first and foremost concerned with the well-being, belonging, and fun of each individual.

How did they come up with the idea?

Like you, we’re human⁠—and we’re trying our darndest to be better versions of ourselves. Want to know what we all have in common?  We are passionate about quality products and sustainability.  You know it as well as we do: we can always strive to do better.

Our team realized that there were near to no decent subscription options for self-care products. Plus, it’s hard to find perfectly balanced natural products that are gender-neutral and offer quality and transparency that can reassure the consumer. 

How can this transform the world or our day-to-day lives?

It’s simple. Our products and business model can bring to the world a way of approaching self-care with more transparency, quality, sustainability and simplicity.

It’s all about values. 

On a day-to-day basis, we will bring a worry-less self-care solution with a complete range of essentials: hair care, oral care, skin care, etc. Our subscription option will also completely change the way consumer manage their routine. With simpler access to better products, self-care is now easier!

What do customers love most about Nudge?

Our concentrated mouthwash and toothpaste are definitely our most loved products.

People love the flavor, the aftertaste, the ingredients, and the packagings.

They can feel the quality of the product with the overall experience of our oral care line. 

Where can people get Nudge?

You can find Nudge on Amazon, our website, and some specialized self-care shops/drugstores.

We are available on many B2B marketplaces, so any store can get our product in the US

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