Megan Preston Meyer—Changing the Minds of the Early Generations


Former insights and analytics expert, Megan Preston Meyer, who refers to herself as a “recovering MBA,” now dedicates her life to writing children’s books and series. Megan is a current author and a former insights and analytics expert; she has dedicated a large portion of her life to analyzing countless data for companies around the globe. Just two years ago, Megan Preston Meyer decided to leave the dragging corporate world of Excel and endless reporting and she now writes the Supply Jane and Fifo series, a series of illustration books for children about supply chain management. Her dream is that through her series she can spread knowledge to children about entrepreneurship, problem-solving and critical thinking.

Available on Amazon, as well as Megan’s website,,  Fifo Saves the Day: A Supply Chain & Logistics Adventure for Kids is becoming a popular, fun and easy way for parents to introduce complex problem-solving skills at a very early age. We live in a society that is very technology-forward and advanced and it is up to parents to ensure that the children of this generation do not get lost along their journey of success.

As an optimist, Megan takes her journey one step at a time and is slowly working on creating this unique niche for children, who in her opinion are often times misunderstood. Megan believes that children possess the intelligence required for advanced problem-solving skills but may lack the support or vocabulary, and that is the main point of her children’s books series—to reach the younger generation in a way that is fun, bright and easier for them to get a grip of.

While there are other supply-chain series out there for children, Megan Preston Meyer emphasizes the importance of incorporating humor and personality so that her series are more digestible for her younger audience. Megan is too busy watering her own grass to check if another company’s is greener. She does the research and studies necessary to pull off writing fun books about entrepreneurship for kids and is focused on scaling her business nation-wide. While there is always a spot for her in the corporate world if needed be, Megan has complete faith and passion towards this new chapter in her life and has high hopes that it will revolutionize the way children view problem solving and critical thinking. As she constantly works on more projects for her business, she will continue to do so while staying authentic every step of the way.

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