Melabébé: Inclusive, Plant-Based Skincare For Babies and Beyond


How can this transform our lives, the day-to-day world?

Melabébé was created to give moms of children of color a trusted option for the health and protection of their children’s skincare. While all skin colors have some degree of melanin, people with melanin-rich skin benefit from skincare products that support hydration, sun protection, and support for common conditions such as hyperpigmentation, dryness, and scarring. 

In 2020, more than $800M was spent on children’s skincare products such as soaps, lotions, creams, and oils. Less than a fraction of those dollars was spent on companies that address black and brown skin’s biological needs and cultural preferences.

Melabebe transforms the industry by reversing the marketing narratives about black and brown skin, prioritizing the inclusion of clean and naturally derived ingredients to mitigate the prevalence of harsh chemicals, and ensuring that skin hues from tan to onyx will be celebrated and adored beginning at birth.

Kelli Ogunsanya Entrepreneur


Melabebe was created by Kelli Ogunsanya, a mom on a mission to create accessible, effective, & clean skincare products for kids of color. During maternity leave, Kelli created all-natural, homemade skincare products for her newborn daughter. She could guarantee what was being placed on her daughter’s skin by using clean, plant-based ingredients like aloe, jojoba oil, and cacao seed oils. 

While making products at home was reassuring, Kelli had limited time on her hands after her maternity leave ended. Kelli searched big-box retail stores for equivalent products and solutions. She quickly became disappointed and frustrated after seeing that major retailers branded products for people of color as “for challenging”, “issue prone,” or “complex skin.” Additionally, so many skincare products for children were filled with artificial ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, and fillers and were not environmentally friendly nor effective for common needs such as hydration, reduction of scars and scrapes, or eczema. Disappointed. Kelli found herself mixing and matching lotions, balms, sealants, humectants, oils, water, butter, and everything else just to get the desired results partially. 

Kelli decided to do something about it—and Melabebe was born. Over the next 2 years, Kelli took her ideas to various US manufacturers to create a clean, safe, reliable, high-quality product line. What began as one mom’s goal of nurturing her baby’s sensitive skin is now the perfect, plant-based skincare care line for all-inclusive skin types and shades.

Melabébé Reviews

What are the customers saying?

Although created especially for kids, Melabebe products are loved by all ages. 

“This product is fantastic, seriously. Not only does it work wonders for my daughter’s skin, but for mine as well. It’s definitely become a part of our daily routine since I received the product.”  

“I wanted to share my experience using your cream. It is creamy and hydrating. I use it on my grandboys. I love how it hydrates their skin. Thank you for this wonderful product.”

“Great product for my very active boys. Before using Melabebe, my older son frequently had itchy skin, and lotion provided temporary relief.”

“My younger son would get ashy very quickly since he still spends a lot of time on the floor, and this cream helps keep his skin moisturized for longer.”

“This is the perfect moisturizing cream for my daughter’s dry and eczema-prone skin! I love the fragrance and that it’s not greasy at all.”

Where to find Melabebe?

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