Miss Careful: Protect Your Ears from Hot Styling Tools!

Miss Careful

Miss Careful Innovation

What problem does the product solve?

Miss Careful Ear Covers are designed to comfortably protect your ears when using hot styling tools, pigment dyes, and irritating chemicals while styling your hair. Our ear covers are made from lightweight, easy-to-clean silicone that is heat and chemical-resistant. No more hot irritated ears after what should be a pampering experience. You can also say goodbye to leaving the salon with dye on your ears that won’t wash off for days. Our ear covers are multifunctional and practical. Choose from two stylish colors, pink or black. We recommend getting pink covers for most hair styling sessions and black covers for any pigmented hair colors.

How can this transform the world or our day-to-day lives?

We must do away with the outdated saying “beauty is pain” and accept that we have been doing it wrong for generations. Just because our grandmothers and mothers didn’t have a solution doesn’t mean we have to continue without one. Previous generations did not live a fast-paced lifestyle as we do now. We understand how different life can be sometimes. It seems like we are always in the fast lane, rushing from one place to another. Our ear covers to protect you from heat, discomfort, burns, and dyes while you’re getting ready for your busy day in the morning and simultaneously planning out your outfit, the meeting at work, what’s for dinner, and the weekend plans. With our ear covers, you can put yourself first by keeping your ears safely tucked under our buttery soft covers to prevent scars, stains, or skin irritations.

Suzie Mirzaians Entrepreneur

Tell us about the founder. What is their background?

Creator and founder of Miss Careful, Suzie Mirzaians, developed The Miss Careful Ear Covers to give you peace of mind while styling and dying your hair. As a busy mom, she is always looking for ways to make her life easier and more efficient. She is the epitome of Miss Careful.  With many years of experience working in finance and banking, earning her degree in Liberal Arts and Marketing, she has always been a creative, think-outside-the-box woman. When she realized there was no solution to her problem, she used all her skills and designed a unique and functional product that should be a staple in your hair routine.

How did they come up with the idea?

Naturally, Suzie is blessed with her grandmother’s genes regarding her hair. However, managing curly/frizzy hair isn’t the easiest task. Spending so many hours at salons getting a blowout every week was becoming a painful experience for her ears, whether it was the heat from the blow dryer, the hot metal brush grazing against her ears, or the hot iron coming too close for comfort. She always wondered why there was no protective gear to protect us from these hot tools that reach up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. She took the matter into her own hands and designed the chicest product that has now become an essential part of her daily hair routine.

Miss Careful Reviews

What do customers love most about the product?

The feedback has been so amazing and positive. We hear the most: “Why didn’t we have this when I was growing up” and “This is genius.” It’s a very simple idea, yet it comes to everyone’s surprise that nothing like it has existed. We love to hear how simple it is to use and how quickly you get used to it. Once you get used to using our ear covers, you will never blow-dry your hair without them.

Where can people get this product?


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