Moody Bank$ Is Back With A New Album, “Feeling Colors”

Moody Bank$ is an Austin-based R&B/Soul musician with a wide range of musical expression. The velvety vocals and distinctive delivery of Moody Bank$ make her a soulful ambassador from Southern California.

She was born and raised in Torrance, California, then eventually moved to Austin after college. The singer-songwriter, painter, creative director, and screenplay have quickly developed a thriving career in the music business. Her latest EP, “Feeling Colors,” which she debuted on 16 September 2022, was produced by BLK ODYSSY and Noah Fendz.

The nine-track R&B album “Feeling Colors” is a flurry of sound that tells stories of love, heartbreak, and raising consciousness. Album’s lead track, “Work It Out,” is a prime example of Moody Bank$’s distinctive sound. She combines a 90s R&B frame with her clear alto and contemporary harmonic tones to create an impression like she is performing it live. The excellent use of harmony, fantastic flow, and trade-offs between the melody, cadence, rhythm, key signatures, dynamics, ebb, and flow participated perfectly in developing this magnificent composition.

The composition is generally cheery, but the underlying minor descending triads weave in the sense of menacing mystery and constantly tug the listener in one direction or another between the many musical moods. This song has a lovely, flowing composition whose melody delicately moves across eardrums. With her clever wordplay and beautiful songwriting style, Moody Bank$ hit all the right notes and left her listeners wanting more.

Not very long ago, Moody Bank$ burst into the streaming scene with her debut single “Quaran’tea” in 2020. Then she released her most successful track, “DREAMPORT,” which has currently streamed over 112K on Spotify. October of the same year, she released her first EP album, “Full Blunts & Full Moon,” which includes well-received tracks “Saturday” & “Strawberry Amnesia.” 

Last year, she released two singles that enriched her fanbase more and raised the demand for a complete album. At last, the much-awaited album “Feeling Colors” got released this September along with a music video of the lead track “Work It Out.” This album proves that Moody Bank$ is emerging as one of Austin’s most promising artists of 2022.

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