Must-Have Everyday Essentials to Achieve Ageless Skin this New Year

What problem does the JULIE LINDH BEAUTY product solve?

The Beauty Wand is a facial massaging device with micro-current and micro-needling effects without needles. The massaging and micro-current work together to firm and tighten skin, improve circulation, shape and contour the face by strengthening muscle tone. The micro-needling triggers the fibroblast to produce more collagen that helps to soften fine lines and wrinkles. 

Tell us about the founder. What is their background?

Julie Lindh has been a licensed medical aesthetician for 20 years and one of the nation’s top skin and wellness companies focusing on natural age-less solutions. She has curated a unique assortment of products, high-tech beauty devices and developed a four-phase approach towards skincare: Correct, Repair, Rejuvenate and Preserve. With this, Julie has helped clients achieve and maintain clear, glowing, and radiant skin naturally, making it easy to understand why some of her devotees call her “the SKIN guru.”

Before starting her own, Julie developed skincare programs at numerous world-class spas, including Acqua Beauty Bar and Townhouse Spa in New York City. She introduced her holistic and clinical approach to skincare soon after Julie was invited to join conceptual high-end Exhale Spa. She was quickly promoted to the position of National Skin Care Director. 

Julie is also one of the founders of ABLE Foundation in Sweden, a global hub for sustainability that empowers and guides people to transform themselves through seminars, podcasts, and workshops.

How did they come up with the idea?

My facials focus on skin rejuvenation to help reverse premature aging naturally without botox and fillers. I am big on using innovative formulas and devices to stimulate fibroblasts to create more collagen, strengthening facial muscle tones, smooth deep lines, and face contouring. Clients love instant and long-term results, but I felt they needed something more than just skincare products to maintain the in-office treatment. Since working with devices, I know what they can do for the skin, and after a long search for the unique device, I launched the first Ageless Beauty Wand in 2017. It is truly sustainable and one of the few solar-powered beauty devices out there. 

How can this transform the world or our day-to-day lives?

As a skin professional, my mission is to help everyone love what they see in the mirror and find the best possible solutions for their beauty needs. Sustainable beauty is not only about choosing sustainable products but also about the mind and maintaining beauty as a whole. Taking care of oneself is not vanity, it’s respecting and embracing the physical, and when you find the right beauty rituals that make you look amazing, you also feel great inside. That is the best inside-out beauty you can have.   

What do customers love most about the product?

Compared to other microcurrent devices, the Beauty Wand is not complicated to operate and is safe to use daily. Customers love the simple design and quality of the device, especially since they don’t need to plug it in and can be used with their favorite products. They can immediately feel something is happening beneath the skin and notice the difference when they are not using the wand.

Where can people get this product?

The best way is to go online store where they can find more details about the products as well.

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