Nina Verkoeyen: A Creator of Life With Meta Spirituality

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Graduate from Being A Student of Life to Being a Creator of life with Meta Spirituality.

Many spiritual seekers believe that life is a school and tough life lessons are what make us grow and evolve. While this belief is partially true, it also prevents us from seeing the full picture – we are not just students of life, we are the creators of life and all its lessons. Until we realize that, we will keep prescribing difficulties to ourselves and creating our own prison.

To escape this prison, to become free from this self-prescribed crisis, and to learn to grow not from adversity but from positive events and happiness — this is the next step of our spiritual evolution.

And this is what Meta Spirituality — an emerging spiritual tradition — and its founder, Nina Verkoeyen, are guiding us towards.


So what is Meta Spirituality? 

Meta spirituality is easier to explain by answering “what is it not?”.  

Meta Spirituality is not a religion.

Religions are partial truths that support the idea of separateness. Meta Spirituality encompasses all religions but also vastly transcends them and presents a complete picture that we’ve never seen before.

 Meta Spirituality is not esoteric.

We are ready to directly interact with the Creator inside us, without any intermediaries such as rituals, visualizations, affirmations, or channeling. We are ready to become the Creator instead of reaching out to something that is separate from us.

Meta Spirituality is not a psychological method.

Spirituality works with the mind and tries to reprogram it. Meta Spirituality doesn’t. It operates above and beyond the mind by creating a new identity through which you will perceive yourself, others, and the world anew.

Meta Spirituality is not a practice in positive thinking.

Meta Spirituality will not ask you to be artificially positive, good, or kind. Meta Spirituality will only ask you to let go of an illusion in order to access the truth. To be who you are, to see the truth, rather than the illusion that surrounds you.

Meta Spirituality is a modern spiritual tradition that eliminates separateness on all levels, makes you complete, and grants you the truth so that you can express yourself as the Creator.

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