No Limit Technology will use Web3 to transform online sports betting to non-custodial

SEC Regulation CF sale of 7.0 M shares at totaling 24% of outstanding shares at a
valuation of $20M.
The company will sell a block of shares through the portal, managed and deployed on the servers
of Rialto Markets, an SEC Finra registered broker, via direct offering.

Breaking the custodial model is a seismic shift
NLTH’s CEO, Rafael Groswirt says “With Web3 technology players can use multiple betting platforms with the same
money and not have it tied up in only one, and so giving them access to the best line or deal of the moment”. The No Limit
Betting Protocol will allow any BSC or Ethereum token to be used to bet, and then use the cryptocurrency NoLimitCoin
$NLC to power the contract. Dramatic cost reduction to participants will follow, using this model. Fees for crossing bets on
the protocol could be as low as .1% to participants, a 99% reduction in the fees many retail bettors currently pay. There is
an estimated $10B of client deposits currently on gaming platforms, deposits that could be returned to players on those
platforms that did convert to using this new Web3 technology.

US State License applications under way,
Multiple sportsbook applications in US states are planned in 2022 for a new online sportsbook and casino which will be
deployed initially under our Curacao license internationally to limited markets and later a wholesale betting exchange
powered by the Web3 NoLimit betting protocol.

The Patent Pending Web3 NoLimit Betting Protocol
The patent pending betting protocol will transform sports betting as we know it, first at the macro level with large operators
having the ability to trade with any other sportsbook while maintaining custody of the funds at all times. And eventually, the
retail market will also transform to a non-custodial wallet model which would allow the customer deposits at sportsbooks
to be returned to the players. Customer deposits at sportsbooks are estimated in the billions, but would no longer be
required when using our betting protocol smart contracts. Such a transformation to the traditional custodial model is a
seismic shift to the way the industry operates and NoLimit is leading the way to a hybrid decentralized/centralized
solution. Issues of legality will be centralized to comply with US and other country’s laws, while the wallet and funds will
become decentralized.

Responsible Gambling could be increased with player full-time money custody
By always having custody of their money, players are more apt to not “cross the line” into irresponsible gambling by
knowing the funds are there 24/7 in a crypto wallet designed for everyday use.

The transformation of a $200B online betting industry, with No Limit Technology Holdings, Inc.
No Limit Technology Holdings, Inc is a technology and innovation driven company with currently operating platforms,
plans for future platforms and growing IP and patent applications that seek to bring cryptocurrency efficiency to a $200B
online betting market around the world. The company portal is and the investment portal is

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