No Republican has become President without winning Ohio

Many Ohio residents blame Governor Mike DeWine, for decimating the Buckeye State when he opposed President Trump and virtually shut down the state. DeWine has been faulted for acting more aggressively than Governor Cuomo in New York or Governor Newsom in California, resulting in the loss of nearly a million jobs in Ohio. One hundred sixty thousand of those jobs still have not returned. Republican

Why would a Republican push so hard for mask mandates, even on children in schools, acting more like a blue state liberal than the Republican Governor of a state that voted for President Trump by ten points?

Why would a governor in a Red state refuse to fight back and allow Critical Race Theory (CRT) to take root in Ohio schools? Why would a Republican refuse to protect women’s sports from the radical Left and sell out Ohio gun owners by supporting a Left-wing gun control package that tramples their Second Amendment rights? 

I was curious and was able to interview populist gubernatorial challenger Jim Renacci with some questions.


1.  Jim, let’s start with how Mike DeWine followed in lockstep with Dr. Fauci, virtually shutting down Ohio. Why would he do that?

Answer: Mike DeWine did indeed discard a million jobs that Ohio still hasn’t recovered. Some people drink the Kool-Aid, even while wearing a Republican label. Perhaps peer pressure from other entrenched incumbents affected his thinking.

2.  Why do you believe these lockdowns were wrong, and what would you have done differently as Governor? Republican

Answer: They hurt the economy and Ohio’s children. Ohio is still paying the price. DeWine not only supported mask mandates but demanded all schools impose them. What’s more, he doesn’t support legislation that would prohibit businesses from imposing vaccine mandates. As Governor, I’d side with freedom, not oppression.

3.  Ohio is ranked as one of the top ten worst states when it comes to taxes and ranks as one of the least competitive states to attract new businesses and jobs. So, as a businessman who knows how to create jobs, how would you turn Ohio’s economic climate around? Republican

4.  Mike DeWine said he would veto any bill that tries to stop biological men from competing in women’s sports. What would you do on that touchy topic if you were Governor?

 Answer: I’d return the status quo to categorizing athletes as their birth gender.

5.  We hear a lot these days about Critical Race Theory (CRT). It doesn’t seem to bother Governor DeWine. So why do you oppose it? Republican

Answer: No one should be ashamed of their race. CRT is a thinly-veiled effort to add additional guilt to White people.

6.  You say Governor DeWine supports a Left-wing gun control package that tramples Second Amendment rights. Tell us more about that. Republican

Answer: The Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights acknowledges the right to bear arms. Governor DeWine is far from as wise as our founding fathers, who valued this right so much that the only Amendment held in higher esteem was the First Amendment of freedom of speech and religion.

7. Anything else you would like to add?

Answer: I stand for Ohio’s economic competitiveness and turning the state around to attract businesses and create jobs. Governor DeWine has failured to lead on any of the fights that are important to conservatives (guns, critical race theory, girls sports, etc.)  

Additional information on the Jim Renacci for Governor campaign is available at: 


Over 30 years ago, Jim Renacci moved to Ohio with a few hundred dollars, dreaming the American dreams of starting a family and launching a business. Growing up in a blue-collar union family in western Pennsylvania, Jim Renacci was the first in his family to graduate from college. As can only happen in America, the Ohioan entrepreneur soon laid claim to operating over 60 businesses, creating 1,500 new jobs, and employing over 3,000 people statewide. But politics had other plans.

In 2009, the Obama Administration took over General Motors, shuttering dealerships across the country— including Jim’s in Northeast Ohio. Shutting down Jim’s dealership killed 50 good-paying jobs in his community — and Jim wasn’t going to stand by while neighbors were going hungry. In 2010, Jim filed to run for U.S. Congress in Ohio’s 16th Congressional District, taking on a well-funded Democratic incumbent. Jim won the election by 9 percent.

While in Congress, Jim earned a reputation for being a principled conservative and effective legislator. He quickly rose through the ranks to serve on the Committee on Financial Services, as vice-chair of the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit, and as a member of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.

After just two years, Jim was named to the powerful Ways and Means Committees and Budget Committees. Jim’s track record as a blue-collar entrepreneur demonstrates his only allegiance has ever been to the very people who D.C. bureaucrats forcibly unemployed that fateful day in an Ohio car dealership — the everyday Americans forgotten by the Swamp. He represents the people’s hopes and fears, bringing actionable results back to the working people who gave him a voice.

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