Vodka’s Revival: Cheers to OVO and oceans without plasticity

ovo vodka

Drinking for a cause tends to lack satisfaction, sophistication and personal value. With no shortage of vodka on the liquor store shelf, choices are overwhelming. Every vodka label has a story, and all major brands offer a social responsibility as a promise: drink this and help humanity. OVO Vodka has revived a dated space. Made from 100% high-grade American corn, the vodka is distilled six times for a purer distillate. Then, the vodka is filtered with activated carbon for a clean, refined, ultra-premium taste. The bottom line: the vodka is better, cleaner, smoother, and delivers in taste.

The bottle is mesmerizing. Clean-tasting vodka is nothing without creative instinct pushing the logo. OVO stands out. The bottle stands alone, resembling fine art while symbolically representing the Our Five (V) Oceans initiative connecting vodka to the devastation in the ocean. Oh, and the vodka is gluten-free despite the award-winning taste.

About that taste, OVO Vodka is the proud recipient of the MicroLiquor Spirit Award’s 2022 Triple Gold award for Extraordinary Taste & Highest Recommendation, one of the most coveted awards in the distilled spirits industry. OVO earned the Silver Award at the Millennial Wine Beer & Spirit Competition, perhaps the most impressive proof of taste concept as Millennials now represent the largest segment of vodka drinkers in the population.

Responsibility is fun. Millennials understand celebratory beverages are the path forward. While 23 percent of the Silent Generation consumed alcohol daily, only about 3% of Millennials drink on a daily basis. OVO Vodka is a revival of pleasure. Americans are using 70 million plastic bottles daily. The oceans are absorbing this plastic at a depressing rate. For every bottle of OVO’s ultra-premium vodka purchased the equivalent of 18 plastic bottles will never reach the ocean. Drink a shot, keep a plastic bottle out of the ocean. A shot of vodka has never been as fun and responsible. Even better, a shot of bottle has never been clearer, smoother, and better-tasting as OVO has tested off the charts among all demographics in blind taste tests. The vodka is simply better in quality, responsibility, and energy.

The mission remains clear: rid the ocean of plastic bottles and enjoy doing it. OVO Vodka has partnered with Clear Blue Sea. Co-founder Anthony Packwood stated, “Make no mistake – we are a for-profit company….” But they tend to show a non-profit mentality in aligning with Clear Blue Sea and the non-profit’s Floating Robot for Eliminating Debris (FRED) to remove plastic from oceans, rivers, and bays. For every bottle purchased, OVO Vodka donates $2 to help actively remove plastics from marine environments around the world. Symbolically, the joint mission is to revive the clear blue sea, as OVO has revitalized vodka, fun, and responsibility in cocktails. The vibe is vibrant. The colors are captivating. The vodka packs pleasure into a bottle.

This is the future of vodka. OVO has changed the game. Buy a bottle and the oceans are that much safer for marine life. The Vodka Revival starts with OVO. 

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