Paul Sterriker: Business and Environmental Art Enthusiast

Paul Sterriker

Born in England, Paul Sterriker has always been a natural leader. The support of his parents led him to pursue a career as a Commissioned Officer in the Royal Navy at the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth. However, his entrepreneurial spirit eventually led him to the business world, where he quickly made a name for himself.

Over the past 30 years, Paul has built and run businesses in various sectors, including staffing/recruitment, healthcare, creative marketing, and property development. As a founder and CEO, his motivation comes from overcoming challenges, embracing competition, and turning ideas into thriving businesses. In addition, he is dedicated to mentoring and supporting others in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Recently, Paul has returned to his creative roots, joining forces with his wife, DrKasia Sterriker, an internationally recognized Environmental Artist and Biophilic Designer. Together, they are pioneering a new genre of environmental art called “Beyond Bonsai.” Drawing inspiration from the Far Eastern arts of landscape miniaturization like Bonsai and Saikei, the Sterrikers are creating unique living sculptures by blending organic and non-organic materials such as bronze, resin, and marble.

Paul and Kasia are also adapting their living art for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. They are crafting their living sculptures from native trees mentioned in the Holy Quran, ensuring their creations can survive the region’s climate. Through their work, the couple seeks to reconnect people with nature, promote sustainable living, and improve the physical and mental well-being of those who experience their art.

In addition to their passion for environmental art, the Sterrikers continue to excel in property development. Paul enjoys finding properties with potential and enhancing their value through redevelopment. He takes pride in the creative process of redesigning and rebuilding spaces that enrich the lives of their inhabitants. The couple is now looking forward to expanding their property development business in the United Arab Emirates alongside their environmental art ventures.

Influenced by his wife’s father, WlodzimierzPietraszko, an International Bonsai Master, Paul’s interest in environmental art has deepened. His unique blend of artistic vision and entrepreneurial acumen has been the driving force behind his success in diverse sectors.

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From his early days as a Royal Navy Commissioned Officer to his multifaceted career as an entrepreneur and environmental artist, Paul Sterriker has consistently displayed a remarkable commitment to creativity, excellence, and the betterment of those around him. Together with his wife, Dr. Kasia Sterriker, they continue to break new ground in both the worlds of environmental art and entrepreneurship. 

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