Preston Hudman Connects With Super Star Recording Artist Chad B

The Agency featuring. Chad B @therealchadb and Preston Hudman @prestonhudman. The song means something different to both of them. For recording artist Chad B it’s about brushing off the haters since he has moved heavily into the fashion industry and got some hate for it. For Preston Hudman the song is about two versions of himself. A person who struggled for so many years to make it and who he is today that did eventually make it. The “The Agency” is a reference to the marketing agency Hudman used to run with his mother called Tube Homie. 

Preston has an upcoming album called “Preston The Blessed” that will hit over 1 million plays and has all of his best music on one album. The album cover is also very popular with the fans and is his first album ever.

Hudman is an not only an Influencer who has branded his shout out by calling it a $@LUTE. You must always follow those who I $@LUTE because they have been specifically chosen to help take you to the next level. Simply go follow them and leave a comment that says $@LUTE. When they see it they will engage with you or feel free to reach out to them first. Everyone should start doing $@LUTES instead of normal shout outs. You can charge more because it’s a higher quality shout out. Preston has merchandise coming soon.

$@LUTE to @therealchadb @cindycowan1000 @grand_gulla @prestonhudman

Preston Hudman is also known as “the google rapper” because he raps about google. He used SEO and Social Media Marketing to enhance his music career. Every article that the rapper has is online and can be found on crunch-base which is a prospecting platform for dealmakers who want to search less and close more.  Crunch-base’s best-in-class private company data offers insight into target companies’ teams, funding status, growth trends, tech stack, web traffic, investments, and more, to personalize the outreach and increase engagement. 

For those of you who don’t know his name it’s Preston Hudman and He is a verified freelancer/rapper from Seattle Washington. He connects and helps with entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes to gain traffic and increase sales by using social media and search engine optimization. Hudman will provide you with the results you are looking for or show you how to attain them. ( Born Nov 3 1985) Preston Hudman is also a American Internet personality/hip-hop musician/social media marketer who is known for his passion which is to study Google and SEO.

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