Psychic Jennifer Wallens Helps Law Enforcement With Unsolved Crimes

Jennifer Wallens

The topic of whether psychics are real has received a lot of scrutiny by modern day science. Because of countless hoaxes, society assumes psychics are snake oil salesmen requesting payment for the ‘secret formula’ to solve their problems. Frauds, phonies, and scammers can be very convincing professionals who draw out information to deceive victims. Oftentimes, it can be very difficult to discern who is legit and who is fake when it comes to psychics and mediums.


Jennifer Wallens, a nationally recognized psychic who’s worked with the police to locate missing persons and assist in unsolved crimes, has over 25+ years as a metaphysical teacher and guide. Not only is Wallens certified by the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums (AFCPM), but she also serves as the Chief Examiner of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums & as the Vice President for Psychic Research and Paranormal Studies. In an industry filled with imposters, Wallens has distinguished herself with not only the highest level certifications and training, but with her unmatched track record that has helped solve real world cases for the police or even connect clients with their loved ones who passed on. She is respected as one of the best, most accurate psychics, pet psychics, and mediums globally.


Growing Up & Developing Pet Psychic Abilities 

At a young age, Wallens had a knack for reading and learning. She was the quiet type that listened more than she talked. She loved animals and after getting her first dog at eight years old, she spent as much time as she could with the canine. If he was not allowed in the house, she would sleep in the laundry room with him. What started as an over attachment to animals at eight years old matured into a sixth sense that allows her to communicate with animals. While filming on the set of the TV show Battle Of The Psychics in Ukraine, Wallens communicated with a dog which told her his back paw was hurting. The owner confirmed that the dog had an injury 6 months prior. Furthermore, there have been other cases where Wallens has been able to speak to animals psychically. More specifically, Wallens recounts another instance on the podcast Conversations On The Fringe where she speaks to a dog that has pain in one of his front paws. However, this dog had no abrasion or evidence of outside trauma on the paw. Trusting Wallens opinion, the client took the dog to the veterinarian who identified that the paw was infected under the surface through a variety of medical tests. 

Solving Crimes, Assisting Law Enforcement, & TV Appearances

Because of her exemplary track record and years of experience, Wallens is respected by not only the scientific communitywith her 20+ years of experience as an Environmental Scientist/Biologistbut also by her clients, law enforcement, and private investigators. She has assisted the police on several accounts where provided insight led to capturing the culprits or finding missing persons. In one police investigation, Wallens identified the first names of the culprits and also reported to the police the culprits would come back, which did happen and resulted in the arrest of both the culprits. Additionally, Wallens has appeared on countless TV appearances to demonstrate her abilities and even teach others how to hone their own abilities. She was selected as one the Psychics on the popular TV show Battle of the Psychics on the STB Channel in the Ukraine. She was the only American chosen for the final Psychics in this season and she appeared in all 13 episodes. She was also honored by the judges and awarded Best Psychic of the Week in Episode Five. The Finale aired around the world January 11, 2011 where she represented the USA and competed against psychics from all over the world and ranked as a top 4 finalist. 


If you’d like to learn more information on Jennifer Wallens, you can connect via her website below or on social!





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