Rise Medical Unveils Top 5 Barriers to Intimacy

Rise Medical, a leader in the science of sexual wellness, offers information on common barriers to intimacy and solutions

CORONA DEL MAR, Calif. – (April 6, 2022) – Millions of people struggle with intimacy issues. While it’s a common problem among adults, it’s also a topic many don’t feel comfortable discussing.  

“We realize that sexual intimacy issues are a sensitive topic,” explains Kathleen Markel, co-founder of Rise Medical. “This stigma around sex has long deterred people from seeking the help they need. These are common problems; people should not feel embarrassed or that they are alone in their struggle. At Rise we help people overcome these issues to live more vibrant, fulfilling, and yes, healthier lives, because sexual wellness is a pillar of health. Once people are ready to seek assistance, we are here to guide them on the path to better sexual health.”

Among the reasons people experience barriers to intimacy, the 5 most common are:

Functionality. To fully enjoy intimacy, everything must be functioning properly. Many people face erectile dysfunction, vaginal laxity, and low sensitivity, among other challenges. Science-based, non-surgical, and non-pharmaceutical treatments are available to address each of these functionality issues.

Low libido. Millions of people experience low levels of desire or a complete lack of interest in sex. Most are not able to identify the cause of the change in what was formally a healthy sex drive, nor are they able to find solutions to the problem. In many cases, the root cause is a shift in hormone levels and is treatable.

Life stress. In today’s complex, fast-paced world, it’s easy to relegate physical intimacy to the back burner. Careers, children, financial obligations, etc. can cause physical and emotional depletion. Many view sex as another task on a never-ending “to do” list, instead of looking to it as a source of replenishment. Sexual wellness can help combat stress and anxiety through “happy hormones” such as oxytocin, which are released during orgasm and is, therefore, a natural, healthy means to combat life stress.

Painful intercourse. Contrary to popular belief, this is something that both men and women can experience. For men, it’s often caused by a curvature of the penis (Peyronie’s Disease) that creates a painful erection. This curvature can be addressed medically. Through simple and noninvasive means, in just a few painless treatments. For women, a common cause of painful intercourse is a lack of lubrication. One treatment of Rise Medical’s Viveve technology delivers cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency waves to the vaginal tissue, stimulating the body’s natural collagen regeneration and reinvigorating the body’s natural lubrication production.

Communication issues. In a relationship, this can mean not sharing one’s intimate desires and needs, blame-shifting, and/or emotional disconnection. These issues can be addressed by taking radical responsibility for one’s life, focusing on love and forgiveness, and valuing each other’s feelings and opinions. Many couples are not able to identify the obstacles blocking them from experiencing a satisfying, intimate relationship. Rise’s telemedicine platform, Tele-Rise, provides counselors and therapists to serve as the perfect medium to help couples reconnect.

“There is simply no reason to continue to put up with any one of these intimacy issues,” says Dr. Laura Purdy, Medical Director of Rise Medical. “Today there are drug-free and surgery-free treatments that can help improve your quality of life. Nobody has ever regretted addressing the problem so they can once again enjoy intimacy.”

As experts in the art and science of sexual wellness, the Rise Medical team is providing cutting-edge technologies and solutions for sexual health issues. Rise Medical offers services such as RiseWave™ for male sexual rejuvenation which involves acoustic waves that work by opening the blood vessels associated with erections or Peyronie’s Disease. For female rejuvenation, Rise has successfully helped women with urinary incontinence, sexual function, and vaginal laxity. Tele-Rise provides counselors and therapists to help guide individuals and couples toward more fulfilling and exciting relationships. Rise Medical works with each patient to provide a customized plan to get them on the path to sexual wellness.

Offering a full-circle approach, Rise Medical provides in-person appointments in Corona Del Mar, California, or virtual appointments for others around the country through its Tele-rise option, which offers video calls for people in the comfort of their own homes. This service is available to individuals or couples to provide relationship coaching to help with intimacy issues. To learn more about Rise Medical or book an appointment, visit the site: https://risemedical.com/.

About Rise Medical

Rise Medical was founded by Dan and Kathleen Markel, who met in high school and went on to be married for over 31 years and have four children together. He specialized in private equity for startups and growth companies, and she is a playwright, screenwriter, actor, and director. After she experienced issues during menopause, they went on a mission to help others through their sexual wellness issues. Their doctors focus on treating people with noninvasive routes for erectile dysfunction and customized hormone balancing for women. Browse the treatments and tune into “The Real with Rise” show at RiseMedical.com and follow @RiseMedicalinc on Instagram to learn more. Rise Medical: The Art & Science of Sexual Wellness™.

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