SalesHive CRO Explains the Dos and Don’ts of Cold Calling

Cold Calling

Some will say that B2B cold calling is a dead practice. The concept of cold calling a company to introduce a product or service or attempt to set up a meeting is enough to strike fear in the hearts of many business owners. However, those in the know maintain that not only is there still a place for B2B cold calling within a company’s sales approach, but it is still highly effective.  

Cold calling can help businesses develop relationships, boost revenue, solve customer issues, and increase brand awareness. SalesHive CRO and co-founder Sam Feldotto challenges anyone questioning the effectiveness of cold calling to take a look at the thousands of meetings booked each month for his clients.

“If your approach is considered, you’re likely to see results,” Feldotto explains. “Moreover, consider this tricky sales approach as a challenge; there’s ample opportunity to improve your cold calls and boost the quality of your overall outbound sales process.” 

Many tricks of the trade can make cold calling very effective. Feldotto shares the steadfast dos and don’ts to making cold calling work for your business.  

Do Research On Who You Are Calling 

Yes, this is cold calling, but one shouldn’t set out to call a business without researching who the business is, what they do, and the best ways it can work together. This researched approach will show them that you are sincere and invested in them and prepare them for any objections you may encounter. 

Don’t Take Rejection Personally

Have a good answer ready for inevitable “No’s,” but don’t take rejection personally — it comes part and parcel with cold calling. The high chance of rejection is why many businesses outsource their needs. Professional cold callers are used to receiving a steady stream of “No’s” but have professional and effective answers that can help lead them to further conversions.  

Do Call at the Right Time

It is all about timing. Some countries even have laws about when cold callers can contact prospects. For those unsure about when the best times to call might be, fit calling into times when decision-makers are more likely to be available.  

“Companies are likely to gain a 24% efficiency by calling between 9:00-10:00 AM ET, rather than 8:00-9:00 AM,” says Feldotto. Cold callers may even want to call during the popular lunch times of 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM. “Calling here yields great results,” explains Feldotto. 

Don’t Try to Sound Overtly “Sales-y” 

Prospects can be weary of random calls, so it’s important to keep your cold call pitch short, concise, and professional. Create a conversation and a friendly rapport with the person on the other end of the phone. Listen and try to understand your prospect, and offer ways to help solve challenges they are facing. “Professionalism and personality can go a long way in breaking down a prospect’s initial hesitancy,” says Feldotto. 

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Do Persevere 

Much like other forms of marketing, consistency and perseverance are key. ”Cold calling is ultimately a game of numbers,” explains Feldotto. “Average connection rates typically range between 3-8%, meaning for every 100 people you call, you’ll only have a handful of conversations. Considering those numbers, it’s not surprising that most people think cold calling is dead when their sales reps only make 20-30 dials daily.”

Once a prospect answers the phone, there’s also a decent change: they aren’t the right person, aren’t interested, or are too busy to talk. Making a consistently high number of dials increases your odds of finding the right person at the right time. “We’ve booked over 10,000 meetings this year alone from cold calling, but we’ve had to make over a million dials to get there. Don’t give up,” concludes Feldotto.

If done correctly, cold calling can be an effective outreach and B2B sales tool. Businesses can get the most out of this approach when care and dedication are put into well-researched, professional cold calling. 

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