San Diego Swimwear Designer to Showcase at Miami Swim Week with The Wonder Woman Initiative

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Miami Swim Week is coming in hot this summer July 14 – 18 in South Beach, Florida – making it most likely the hottest place to be both literally & physically, this summer. For more than 10 years, this week has served as an EpiCenter for luxury swim and resort lifestyle brands hosting a variety of celebrity attended fashion shows and successful trade shows along with the pop-ups and living your best life pool parties at the most exclusive & beautiful resorts. 

One of the emerging designers showcasing at Miami Swim Week this year with
The Wonder Woman Initiative is GinaMarie Xocal of Xocal Biquini. Born in Australia, raised in Hawaii, and now raising her family of six, in San Diego, California, GinaMarie is more than just an apparel designer, she’s a multicultural artist, plant enthusiast, and serial entrepreneur creating a lifestyle brand for all women without prejudice.  Bringing her newest collection inspired by the power and healing properties of Cannabis along with curves and body positive vibes only, the Xocal Biquini showcase is one you do not want to miss. 

Before launching your XOCAL Biquini, what were your days like?

I was spending 12-hour shifts behind my laptop, dreaming of the beach and wishing I could enjoy it more often. When it was suggested by my supervisor that moving away from the beach and closer to my place of employment was the “smarter” choice for my career, I quit my job. I began living the lifestyle I wished for on the weekends.

What were some of the challenges in creating Xocal? 

Maintaining consistency within the brand, especially during the Pandemic. I had to cancel my plans to create an event space for people to gather (XOCAL CBD Café) mid-project due to quarantine and shutdowns, then quickly pivoted to launch a body-positive swimwear line in winter. We are building a positive community of consumers and empowering women of all shapes, sizes and colors by offering swim fashion in honest sizes (small through XXXL) and featuring real bodies and women we all can relate too.

This was the brand consistency I needed to stay motivated and bring something positive out of an unprecedented time of pandemic and world doubt. But it wasn’t easy, as manufacturers were operating at minimal capacity and my small business was being put off for larger clientele. The formulation lab I was working with also delayed research and development on my long-awaited skincare line due to the overwhelming need for hand sanitizer, which became the priority over my projects. I wondered at times if I would ever finish what I started and if the world would ever go back to normal? I was discouraged but I never gave up! I continued to evolve and go with the flow, finding new ways to stay in the game. No matter what was up next, I always tried to adhere to my core beliefs and my brand message and to stay humble while remembering why I started. 


What inspired you to create the current collection being showcased at Swim Week this year? 

I was inspired to create HIGHLIFE, the highly anticipated follow up to our Fall 2012 Endless Summer Collection by all the bold and beautiful women who fell in love with their bodies during the pandemic.  Regardless of weight, women became empowered by their natural beauty and size inclusive models became very trendy. I wanted to sustain this current movement and create a well made one of a kind, size inclusive resort and swimwear collection for women by women.

You can learn more about GinaMarie & and her Xocal brands at

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