Shea Butter and Argan Oil Are Exactly What Summer Hair Needs

Manna Kadar Beauty announces new Mane Hair Care line to help people address dry, dull, frizzy summer hair

IRVINE, Calif. – (June 9, 2022) – Summer weather can be brutal on hair. The sunlight, heat, and humidity can leave hair frizzy and dry, making people want to hide it under a hat. The good news is that there are hair care products that will help combat those issues, leaving hair to look and feel great all summer long. Manna Kadar Beauty has launched a new Mane Hair Care line offering either shea butter or argan oil, which will keep hair moisturized, frizz-free, and looking fantastic.

“The last thing people want this summer is hair that looks messy because of the weather,” says Manna Kadar, founder of Manna Kadar Beauty. “We know exactly what the hair needs to be gorgeous, and we have formulated the perfect product line.”

There are numerous reasons why summer can be harsh on the hair. The weather plays a role because hair is sensitive to heat and humidity. Those who have curly hair will find that it will make it frizzy and messy looking, while those who have straighter hair will see it curl up more. Sun exposure and sunscreen, which often make their way into the hair, can also cause damage and dryness. Add to that the chemicals found in swimming pools and people not opting for the right summer hair care products, and it all adds up to a tired and unhealthy look.

Kadar recommends that people opt for using the newly launched Mane Hair Care line for the summer, which will help to ensure the hair is getting the moisture it needs. Packed with rich she butter and argan oil, the product line adds the highest moisture level to even the driest hair types. The products help repair and nourish without leaving any kind of residue. Plus, they are great for all textured and curly hair types. Summer

The new Mane Hair Care line includes:

Argan Oil & Keratin Hair Serum

Argan Oil & Keratin Hair Conditioner Mask

Argan Oil & Keratin Hair Spray-in Conditioner

Argan Oil & Keratin Hair Moisturizing Conditioner

Argan Oil & Keratin Hair Moisturizing Shampoo

Coconut & Shea Butter Hair Serum

Coconut & Shea Butter Conditioner Mask

Coconut & Shea Butter Spray-in Conditioner

Coconut & Shea Butter Moisturizing Conditioner

Coconut & Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo

 “When you have the right hair care products, you will love how easy it is to care for your hair and its beauty,” added Kadar. “Our products are formulated to be the perfect option to help you simply keep your hair looking and feeling amazing!” Summer

To see the new video for the Mane Hair Care line, visit the site:

Manna Kadar is known for creating “Beauty Simplified,” which helps everyone apply cosmetics faster. The company has created multipurpose products and kits that help to make beauty routines quick and straightforward. The three-step system helps people get their makeup done in less than seven minutes. Summer

Manna Kadar Beauty products are sold in over 40,000 retail locations around the country, including and Amazon. The company offers beauty, bath, body, and soon hair-care products. Beauty products include makeup and beauty tools. The product line includes foundation, face mists, blush and bronzer, eyelashes, and eye shadow, as well as products for the lips, brows, and nails. To see a full product line, visit the site at: Summer

The Manna Kadar brand made Inc. Magazine’s 2020 “Top 5,000” list, published among the fastest-growing enterprises in the LA Business Journal, and Beauty Industry leader CP & Krell Group recently named Manna Kadar Beauty as a trailblazer of 2022, making waves in the beauty industry. Kadar has also been named one of the fastest-growing companies, Orange County Business Journal’s “2021’s Top 50 most influential people”, “Top 40 Under 40 Beauty CEOs,” and 2018’s USC Alumni Member of the Year. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) recently named her 2020 Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Summer

About Manna Kadar Cosmetics

Developed by 20-year beauty industry expert Manna Kadar, Manna Kadar Cosmetics (MKC) is a family of six lifestyle brands—Manna Kadar Beauty, Goddess by Manna Kadar, Beauty and the Bump, Haute Dog luxury pet products, Mason Man Skincare, and Manna Kadar Luxe Bath and Body—each with a timeless aesthetic and iconic products. Manna Kadar Beauty offers a complete line of long-wear, double-duty items to minimize and simplify the makeup application process. The brand’s award-winning Beauty Simplified System distinguishes a three-step approach—prime, polish, and perfect—requiring 7 minutes or less. As a company, MKC is committed to working together with uncompromising ethics, thoughtful candor, and 100% accountability to its customers and team members. Giving back 10% of its annual profits to local and global philanthropic organizations, learn more about the brand dedicated to creating a bold impact at Discover the latest product releases and brand developments @MannaKadarBeauty on Instagram.

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