Sleep Through the Night With Sijo’s NEW Cool CLIMA Collection!

What problem does Sijo’s Clima Collection solve?

Have you ever woken up to kick off your sheets, feeling warm and uncomfortable only to wake up an hour later shivering, trying to quickly pull them back on? Our new CLIMA collection, a temperature regulating bedding system, eliminates this issue. The phase changing material, known as PCM, and our exclusive technology come together to create CLIMA. Phase changing material essentially absorbs any excess heat from the body (at least five times more than other PCMs on the market) when you’re too warm, and then can release it back to the body when it gets a little too cool. 

Another important part of this bedding is the moisture control element, which aids in the temperature regulating process and keeps you comfortable and sweat-free. 

Tell us about the founder. What is their background?

Our founders, Anni Stromfeld and Jacob Xi, are childhood friends who reconnected and bonded over their common interest in entrepreneurship and building an ethical and sustainable business in the health/wellness area. They created Sijo to transform the way consumers think and feel about the home, with a special interest in and focus on sleep.

Though Anni and Jacob worked in incredibly different fields, they both have had experiences in high-stress, results-driven work environments that were focused on fast turnarounds and quick deliveries. Coupled with the pressure to juggle their careers with their respective personal lives, Anni and Jacob’s first-hand experiences in finding balance and restful sleep amongst the chaos of life helped them to precisely identify the demands of our customers and create the best, most innovative bedding products possible.

Anni, Jacob and their team focus on creating sustainable, innovative, and performance-driven bedding that not only boasts healthy benefits and unparalleled quality, but that has a minimalist, timeless style to suit any space.

How did they come up with the idea?

Anni and Jacob are passionate about this space, as you can tell from their story above. And this interest in sleep health had them thinking about what the team at Sijo could do to not only help further improve, but to optimize our customers’ sleep. So many customers write in with questions surrounding their sleep temperatures fluctuating, and they wanted to create bedding that would be adaptive for them. The Sijo team takes customer feedback very seriously. With the customers in mind, our founders took their desire to constantly innovate in the bedding space and created a solution for them, the CLIMA collection. Of course, a great deal of science and testing were involved to create this exclusive-to-Sijo material. 

How can this transform the world or our day-to-day lives?

Poor quality sleep can exacerbate many health issues, but improved sleep impacts our lives in numerous ways. From reducing stress, increasing focus, helping reduce the impacts of illnesses, sleep can do so much to repair and restore the body. By providing our customers with the best products for them — those that can help improve the quality of their sleep (especially through temperature regulation like our CLIMA bedding) — as well as education on the importance of sleep, we’re able to help them take steps to improve their overall health. 

What do customers love most about the CLIMA collection?

The best part of our CLIMA collection in the eyes of our customers (and our team, too) is the temperature regulating capability. It’s really amazing how it helps customers stay at an optimal body/skin temperature without sacrificing the comfort and style customers expect from Sijo bedding.

Where can people get the CLIMA collection?

This product is available on our website,

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