Song Review: “Art of the Bleed” by SAVARRE

“Art of the Bleed” is one of SAVARRE’s 2020 tracks that continues to gain remarkable feedback. Best described as avant-garde spectra rock, SAVARRE is certainly a rock act to follow. SAVARRE is led by the vocalist Shannon Denise Evans, who is not only a musician but also a storyteller and author. “Art of the Bleed” is a song that would be a perfect listen for anyone who enjoys listening to rock music. Additionally, it is highly recommended that anyone who enjoys emotional and moving sounds.

“Art of the Bleed” begins on a solid electric guitar note and somber piano chords. One can tell from the very beginning that it will be a powerful song. After around 25 seconds of an opening instrumental, SAVARRE introduces her voice to listeners. Lyrics in the pre-chorus such as “The storm will rise/From the thunder above” paint a vivid picture in the minds of the listeners and emboldens this song’s dark tone. “Art of the Bleed” as a whole showcases SAVARRE’s ability to write genuine lyrics that listeners will be able to follow as they see the scenarios play out in their own minds. SAVARRE is able to cement herself as a poet, a vital attribute for all songwriters and one that will make listeners want to check out the rest of the discography as well.

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