Song Review: “Flying Feeling” by Agaapi

EDM producer Agaapi has released his new single, “Flying Feeling.” This is a song that fans of electronic music will best enjoy. It is also perfect for anyone looking for a new summer anthem. 

“Flying Feeling” begins with the listener hearing a prolonged synth note, one that sounds akin to the sun rising. It is a relaxing sound that paves the way for the rest of the song and sets up the overall tone of the song well. After this comes to an upbeat synth melody that can best be described as one that will remind listeners of summer. As such, “Flying Feeling” is the perfect song to play at a summer get-together, whether it be an outdoor gathering or at a club. 

Perhaps most memorable about “Flying Feeling” is how it builds as the song progresses. For example, Agaapi first introduces synth patterns to listeners at a moderate volume before continuing to add layers to the point where the song becomes gradually and progressively louder. There is also a period in the song where listeners will only hear a drum beat, which then leads into additional keys, and then followed by full synths. “Flying Feeling” is aptly titled as it leads to listeners feeling excited and carefree. 

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