Song Review: “Insecurities” by Jenn Connor

Canadian pop singer Jenn Connor has released her new song “Insecurities.” It follows her very well-received track, “Like I Did,” which garnered radio airplay across Canada, in addition to getting praises from music critics. “Insecurities” is clearly in the same direction as it has already started getting some buzz since its release a week ago. This is a song that will be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys pop music. Anyone who enjoys upbeat dance songs will also appreciate this for sure. 

“Insecurities” begins with a catchy synth and drum beat perfect for clubs and dance floors. After roughly a 15-second intro, Jenn Connor begins to sing with the lyric “Don’t know why I’m worried.” This line means the lyrical direction of this song can go to one of two places: either she will be worried throughout the song, or she will drop her worries and have fun. The narrative of being worried and being in a complex relationship continues throughout the first verse and into the pre-chorus as the tempo picks up. In the chorus, Jenn Connor sings, “Hey/Do you really want to believe that you love me,” essentially asking her partner if they truly love her or not. Despite the complexity of the relationship at hand, Jenn Connor has managed to make a chorus that is upbeat and extremely catchy. As such, it is arguably a highlight of the song. 

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