Soothing Natural Relief From Life’s Ailments: Meet TheraICE RX

What problem does TheraICE RX solve?

The easy answer is headaches, migraines and injuries, but the true problem is not being able to do what you love to do. Not being able to have a family dinner, game night or watch a movie with the family, but instead uncomfortably be curled up in a dark room just waiting for some relief. Using Hot & Cold compression natural therapy lets you. Feel Better… Live Better and Get Back to What You Love To Do!

Tell us about the founder. What is their background? 

Waking up early on Friday and Sunday mornings, David Redlich, the founder of TheraICE Rx laces up his Nike high tops to get on the court. He’s been running a Friday morning basketball game for decades with ballers that are less than half his age. Whether playing with NFL athletes, NBA retirees, current college basketball players, track stars, or once even a former Globetrotter (with a 44 inch vertical), David prefers throwing alley-oop dunks instead of getting dunked on under the basket.  Granted he has thrown some of the worst passes but it doesn’t matter as long as it is up near the rim.

His game is still good, but sadly, his mind and body don’t always agree. On two separate occasions, he has made a killer Allen Iverson crossover move, but his knee and mind did not communicate well (and he missed the shot) and knew his knee was not the same! He limped off the court knowing the game would go on without him, but that he needed surgery. He has torn his Meniscus on both knees on 2 different occasions. He may not have learned to go easier on his body, but he did realize that he needed a better solution than was out there for cold therapy recovery. Using ice packs, hard inserts, and wraps was an impractical  mess. He was always mobile and even after meniscus surgeries, he wanted to be out and about. Here was this grey-bearded, almost 50 year old crouched over defending a baby-faced, goateed baller in his 20’s. He couldn’t continue to play day after day, week after week without his TheraIC Rx cold compression sleeves. Picture him at home or the office after a game wearing them on his ankle, calf, knee and hamstring – up his whole leg – on both legs. He mummified his legs in cold compression. He’s done cryotherapy and ice baths and has found this to be so much simpler.  He was relieved to no longer head to the liquor store early in the morning after games, soaking wet from sweat while getting 20-40 pounds of ice for an ice bath. Just weeks after one of the surgeries, he was trying to ice down his knee while hiking the Grand Canyon and Alaskan glaciers and filling umbrella bags with ice from the hotel ice machines was not a solution.

So many great products are born of true need, as is the case here. He once even broke his hand (as he tried for a steal on someone who played for the Miami Heat’s G league team) and now there is a hand and wrist cold sleeve, as well.

As a serial entrepreneur that graduated from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and who previously built an INC 500 company, he took it upon himself to create a better solution for himself and others like him. He knows other aging weekend warriors are out there, who refuse to quit and even slow down. He has a passion and energy to TAKE IT UP A NOTCH.  He could not be sidelined from the court, his work or his family when recovering from an injury or simply after an intense,muscle-draining workout. He was dying to get back on the court each time and be present for his wife, kids and dogs.  

TheraICE Rx is all about getting people back to what they love to do and David was the first success story.  It’s the simplest and easiest way to let cold compression therapy help you recover and keep playing. 

P.S. It’s like the famous HairClub for Men Commercial, when the past president said “I’m not only the HairClub President, but I’m also a client.  The same goes for David. He’s not only a proud user, but the Founder & President.  P.S.  He’s also bald. 

How did they come up with the idea of TheraICE RX?

Inspiration was out of need. I was running my own competitive basketball league at 5 8 and 3/4 and playing with NBA and NFL athletes half my age but my body and mind don’t’ sink up.  I just turned 50 and for the past few years (no decades) would leave basketball games and stop at the liquor store when they opened in the morning after the games… Not to buy alcohol but to get a few  20 pound bags of ice!!!  Walking in (actually limping in was never fun).  I even looked into an industrial ice machine the professional or NCAA teams use for their athletes.  Nothing was helping. 

As we were building out the brand, I was thinking about other needs for the hot and cold compression. I realized the number of people who get headaches and migraines (what is real stat) and thought it would be a great product that could help so many and get them back to what they love to do! Nothing is worse than sitting in a dark room, on the floor with the lights out and can’t move. 

I then simply took an X-Large THERAICE cold compression sleeve and tried to fit it on my head.  It didn’t fit and I started developing.  Adding a double sided seam over both ears for comfort and compression and created a cut out for the nose!  Once produced, sales took off!  I was solving such a need and littleral pain point! 

Plus the competitors had velcro that gets stuck in your hair (not mine, but my wife and all of her friends that get headaches) and hard inserts that actually made headaches more uncomfortable.  With no velcro and soft comfortable 360 degree form fitting solution to their migraines and headaches.   Plus it also gets HOT or cold. Most headache products only provide cold relief. Check out the amazon listing to see the content/images ect. Here are a few examples, but again we really don’t want to sell the product vs getting them back to what they love to do! and back to experiencing their family! 

How can this transform the world or our day-to-day lives?

By getting people back to what they love to do!!

We also created a pink version and made a donation to support breast cancer. My mother had a double mastectomy decades ago and still gets headaches.  It was such a proud moment to tell her I was donating to this very personal cause. 

“We are grateful for the support of TheraICE Rx and their customers for fueling resources that support Komen’s mission,” said Sarah Rosales, Komen’s VP, Corporate Partnerships. “Through the passion and commitment of corporate partners like TheraICE, Komen can continue to accelerate breakthrough discoveries in breast cancer research while ensuring all people facing this disease have access to the quality care, treatment and resources they need today.”

What do customers love most about TheraICE RX?

How it makes them feel! Debilitating headaches and migraines can really stop you in your tracks! It’s truly about getting people back to what they love to do.  We can talk about the 360 cold compression therapy, no velcro, no hard inserts, but it’s really the result and how it makes them feel that the customers love them. Check out the thousands of 5 star reviews online. 

Where can people get this product?

At and on Amazon.

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