“Starving Artist”?

If you’re an artist, you’ve probably come across or heard the expression  “Starving Artist” before. It has likely been engrained in your head that you cannot make any real money from your art.

            As tragic as it may sound, the realm of art has become more digital and less tangible. Over the years it has become a growing misconception that “old fashioned” artists cannot make a living. Actors, poets, writers, and painters who have battled depression or even taken their own lives is tragically long. Nonetheless, their work remains present today, creating a pathway for the future of the artistic world. Often it is thought that suicide by an artist is what makes his or her work immortal. 

            Present day artist Jodie King is making a daily effort to revolutionize the world of art and trump any and all misconceptions. This successful acrylic and oil master dedicates her life to abstract art, a genre of art that is far too often overlooked and undervalued. After just one look at her pieces, one might assume she has spent most of her life with a brush in her hand, but it may come to a surprise she only began at the age of 35. After retiring from an intense career as a child dancer, it took Jodie a while to realize her true passion— “validating the human experience.” 

            Jodie’s creative process begins with meditation, as she translates onto a canvas an expression of what she feels inside. With her niche being abstract art, the process is constantly all over the place, with no clear view on the end result until it’s all finished. Creating abstract art takes an immense amount of patience and skill yet is constantly overlooked because it is usually up to the audience’s interpretation. 

            King’s “Art Biz for Rebels” course is a step-by-step framework from her sold-out “Art Biz Mastermind.” Upon joining, artists from all walks of life can learn different techniques and most importantly, how to make money as an artist in this day and age. Jodie has joined the world of NFTs, which by definition is a non-fungible token that can be sold and traded. She now offers training for independent artists who want to partake in the world of digital art media. 

As a believer in honest art, Jodie King has become a solely independent artist with her own unique style in abstract art and is defying rumors of modern society that it is impossible to acquire wealth by selling tangible pieces of art. She has proven that “starving artist,” is cliché, and is a mindset that no longer serves creatives in this day and age.

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