Stay Healthy And Hydrated With HydroJug!

What problem does HydroJug solve?

HydroJug makes it easier and more convenient to drink more water. A survey done by The New York Times found that 75% of Americans are dehydrated. It is very likely everyone has experienced dehydration at some point. Basically, every single cell and tissue inside of your body requires water to function and that is why it is so important to hydrate. 

Tell us about the founder. What is their background?

Hayden and Jake Wadsworth are two brothers from Ogden, Utah. The two grew up together playing sports, working for their family, and in school as they are just a few years apart. HydroJug began when the two brothers were in college. Their entrepreneurial spirit came from their family, both their mom and dad ran their own business (mom owned some subways and dad owned a landscaping company) and so the two knew they wanted to create their own business as well. Both share a love of health and fitness and so they wanted to create a product within that industry. 

How did they come up with the idea?

The Wadsworth brothers got the idea from HydroJug while watching YouTube videos of bodybuilders preparing for competitions. In these videos the athletes were talking about how they have to drink 1-2 gallons of water a day and they were drinking out of plastic milk jugs. Those kinds of jugs are not practical or reusable and so Hayden wanted to create a jug that could be convenient and reusable. The brothers wanted to create a quality water jug that would solve all the issues other containers were facing; non-reusable plastic, small openings, inadequate handles, and the inconvenience of carrying a regular jug.

How can this transform the world or our day-to-day lives?

The HydroJug is designed to make drinking water easy and convenient. With the 73 oz capacity, consumers spend less time refilling and more time hydrating. There are markings along the edge of the bottle so consumers can track their progress on their water consumption throughout the day. Every feature of the HydroJug was designed with consumer convenience in mind. The integrated handle makes it easy to lift the jug and drink with one hand instead of having to use two. There is also an integrated carrying loop that is thick and sturdy enough for consumers to carry the HydroJug easily throughout the day.

The wide mouth opening makes it extremely easy for the consumers to add ice or supplements to their water, as well as easy cleaning access. However, one of the great features of the HydroJug is that it is dishwasher safe so the consumer won’t have to wash it by hand. There is a leak-proof seal so the water stays inside of the jug and doesn’t drip where it doesn’t belong. The HydroJug is built to withstand the hustle and bustle of daily life and designed to last.

The HydroJug promotes healthy living by giving consumers the perfect tool to improve hydration with ease.

What do customers love most about the product?

HydroJug has become a viral sensation for fitness influencers, as well as celebrities, who have HydroJug on their must-have lists because of their convenient features and unique designs. Consumers can easily fit ice, supplements, and other additives such as fruit into the HydroJug. The HydroJug is also big enough for the consumer to fit their hands into the opening if they want to hand wash their jug. The amount of convenience this adds to the product is unmatched by other products currently available on the market.   

HydroJug is continually releasing new colors and designs that are trendy. This allows customers to mix and match their HydroJugs with their outfits. What other water bottle do you know that can become a fashion accessory? With over 50 combinations the options are endless for you to customize your jug. 

Where can people get this product?

You can customize your HydroJug with all our latest colors and designs on our website or you can find HydroJug on Amazon as well as

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