Stuck in a rut? Focus on Self-Improvement and Have an Impact


Katie Sandler, career development and impact coach, shares ways to get unstuck

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – (September 20, 2022) –Many people get to a point in their lives when they feel stuck in a rut. Day in and day out, everything is the same. Punch a clock here, drive there, watch this, go to bed, and do the same thing the next day. With September being Self-Improvement Month, it’s an excellent time for those who feel stuck to get their bearings and effectively and happily move on, make changes, and feel alive again.

“This is the month to take action and make it happen,” explains Katie Sandler, personal development and career coach. “It’s time to eliminate the negative things in your life holding you back. There’s no better time to do it than right now.”

A poll conducted by SWNS Digital found that 80% of Americans admit to feeling stuck in a routine. Most people who participated in the survey think their lives mimic the scenes from “Groundhog Day,” where the same things keep playing daily. Nearly half of the people felt that their routine was too narrow. The good news is that those who feel stuck in the routine of life can take action to help shake things up in a good way.

Here are ways to make meaningful changes to become unstuck this month:

“The truth is that most people are holding themselves back through their thoughts,” added Sandler. “Learning how to mind your thoughts is powerful and life-changing. It’s the key to moving forward and making an impact.”

Sandler works with people in professional and personal settings, helping them become unstuck, set and achieve goals, change their mindset, and more. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in mental health counseling, a strong foundation in mindfulness-based stress reduction, and worked in hospitals and private practice. She previously spent time as a research assistant at Johns Hopkins, focusing on purpose in life. Sandler offers impact retreats in the U.S. and abroad. To learn more about Katie Sandler and her services, or to see the retreat schedule, visit the site:

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About Katie Sandler

Katie Sandler is a popular impact coach and provides health and wealth coaching and personal and professional development. She offers worldwide retreats and private and corporate impact coaching opportunities. She focuses on helping people become more successful so they can live with purpose and make an impact in our world. To learn more about Katie or her services, visit the site:

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