Sustainable Elegance: Garnica changing the face of plywood

If you are an architect or interior designer, you have a great deal more than design on your mind. Net zero carbon footprint for all buildings by 2030, environmentally conscious clients, ethically sourced products, and quality are just a few things one needs to think about when creating that ultimate space.   

Builders and construction companies of all sizes are now challenged with well-educated clients who demand more from their space: whether it’s a small home improvement project or a custom home, build-to-suit office space, or even building cabinets for a manufacturer, “living/work/recreational” space must be more – do more and no other plywood company on the market answers that call as well as Garnica.  

A private company, in the heart of Europe, Garnica was founded as a sawmill in 1941, in the La Rioja region of Spain. They are pioneers in the development of innovative ways to manage and use natural resources responsibly and intelligently. 

Garnica has grown considerably since its early days, now with over 1,200 employees, eight offices, and seven factories. The company supports sustainable plantations as a source of raw materials for its products and is always in search of excellence while steadily progressing. 

Offering a wide range of products, Garnica is the global benchmark for plywood panel production in the industry, the leader in the manufacturing of exceptional plywood solutions, serving the needs of more than 600 clients in 45 countries. 

To those that use Garnica products, they know them as trailblazers in manufacturing the most premium plywood on the market.

How do they do it?  

Garnica plywood panels are a product of agroforestry. Poplar trees are grown and harvested in both Spain and France and which has many benefits to architects and designers, including the fact they are 100% sustainable panels. Each tree is basically identical to the other, the same height, uniform, and knot-free. Poplar itself is a lightweight and durable tree. It also means these trees can be turned into the largest plywood panels available on the market and can produce sheets measuring 4’ x 10’ or 5’ x 8’. This fact alone means a better yield (and less waste) at the installation end.  This makes Garnica plywood the ideal choice for builders and a popular product on construction sites!

At the end of the day, Garnica delivers a superior product that is 100% sustainable with a smaller carbon footprint. 

Essential Distinctions of Garnica Plywood Panels: 

Garnica panels are unlike any on the market – and it is almost a disservice to call these panels just ‘plywood’ as they have raised the standard on the category. What makes Garnica panels so distinctive aside from being 100% sustainable are their core, face and back, and finishes:

Core: This premium core makes these plywood panels ideal for fire-rated requirements while remaining lightweight at the same time. Garnica is the panel of choice for elevator companies as well as amusement parks, hotels, and cruise-ship companies. 

Face and Back:  With a wide selection of natural wood finishes, offering beauty and quality, Garnica plywood panels have become a popular choice, especially with design firms looking to replace wood composites from Russia and China. 

Finishes: Garnica offers a wide variety of top-quality, long-lasting, resistant, and versatile finishes that can be adapted to any project. These include decorative laminates, UV and Prime. A marble-finished dining table in a motorhome can have the same elegance and panache at a fraction of the weight – and cost.

Applications: what to build:

Now that one has been introduced to the world leader of plywood panels, the next step is putting them to use. Garnica’s products are ideal in any and every possible design application. Their premium quality poplar core makes it not just lightweight and stable, but also easy to machine – saving time and money. 

It’s no wonder that manufacturers themselves, the OEMs love Garnica when it comes to building consumer-friendly products – and experiences. RVs, Yachts, and the applications are endless.

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