Tashi Sherpa AKA Lil Benziey Con Artist Running Social Media Scam

lil benziey tashi sherpa scam

lil benziey tashi sherpa scam

Over the past few months, several individuals have came to us with evidence that this 18 year old rapper, Tashi Sherpa AKA Lil Benziey, is running a scam. We wanted to share this with you to protect future victims from this con artist.

The evidence we have received includes DM conversations, emails, and PayPal records that proves this rapper is running an elaborate and dangerous scam to steal people’s hard-earned money.

Tashi Sherpa Lil Benziey scam scammer con artist

He is running his social media scam through Instagram under the username @lilbenziey and seems to target high net-worth individuals.

  1. He sends them money for a service
  2. He then makes refund requests for that service
  3. Once the refund is made, he disputes the original payment

Tashi Sherpa is currently under investigation by authorities for his elaborate scams and we expect that he will soon be arrested. Until then, please stay safe and report any activity from this individual to the authorities.

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