The brain’s ability to predict and anticipate events


There is a myth created by the psychologist and philosopher William James, who developed the study The Energies of Men, in 1908 that in the concept of “reserve energy”, he stated people only used a fraction of 10% of all their mental potential. predict

Science proves that every human being can develop up to 100% of his capacities, even sleeping, what happens nowadays is that due to the number of demands, anxiety, and other worries, the brain is left without action, rusty. People with high IQs or who have developed paranormal abilities come into the picture, showing the power of the human mind. In this article, we tell the story of the Brazilian who entered the list of the world’s most important psychics.

The clairvoyant’s successes include the global pandemic, predicted and alerted in 2012, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, announced 44 days earlier and posted on its social networks in January 2022, and its march 2021 manuscripts warned of war and possible sites that would occur the attacks, another shocking prophecy said a new world king would emerge,  including exact numbers to his reference, 22, 44 and 66, Athos is compared as Baba Vanga of the present times, another milestone in your forecast. It’s clear in his sayings that he’s billionaire Elon Musk, as described.

Recently, attention turns once again to the talented clairvoyant, the prediction about the disease in animals is scaring researchers. In March 2021, Athos Salomé said in his prophecy number seven (7):

“The mutation now passes to animals, causing sadness in humans, who act recklessly, without thinking before committing cruel acts and using them as torturous research as well as extermination.”

On September 28, 2021, without treatment, covid cats are sacrificed in China. It continued to happen in Hong Kong, pet hamsters have been being sacrificed since January 2022. predict

(February 2022) France has sacrificed millions of animals in the northwest of the territory to prevent a new avian flu epidemic that could affect bird farmers. Several infections increased dramatically in the west of the territory, particularly in the department of Vendée. predict

The world is very attentive to the smallpox of the monkey, its reservoir is unknown, believe that they are small rodents that come from the rainforests of Africa, mainly in West and Central Africa.
It is caused by MPXV, a virus that was discovered in monkeys in the 1950 – and first infected humans in 1970 in Africa. predict

(May 2022) has had a substantial increase in Europe and has already arrived in the United States, if well analyzed has to do with animals and does not take long to begin the proliferation of new diseases arising from covid and other situations, mass animal sacrifices are already happening. predict

16 countries have reported cases of monkeypox: Spain, Portugal, UK, Canada, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, USA, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Sweden, Israel, and Austria have confirmed infected, and there are more suspected cases – including Argentina and Greece.  predict

The World Health Organization said that the transmission “can be contained” and that the population should not be frightened, we hope that the problem is solved.

Forecast number nine (9):

“Are you already prepared for the false peace agreement between China and the most darling of the world?” 

US official says China failed to meet “Phase 1” trade deal among other problems. China defends itself for not implementing trade agreements with the US. US President Joe Biden has warned of the “consequences if China provides Russia with material support” in the war with Ukraine. predict

Disagreements have been going on since 2021 and started to get more intense after the war between Russia and Ukraine – February 2022

May 2022 – This week China says it is ‘maligned’ by the Biden administration and negotiates new agreements with South Pacific islands, meaning there is a disagreement that is bringing a lot of problems and creating unfavorable situations. predict

The prediction of number ten (10) most feared and sure as described and reported by various portals in the world was:

“Something worse will be plotted. Then begins the Third World War, not only biological, which has begun with the creation of covid-19.”

May 25, 2022 – “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was the beginning of World War 3, and our civilization may not survive,” hungarian-American billionaire George Soros said in a speech in Davos.

It is impossible not to say that the Brazilian clairvoyant speaks with great certainty and anticipation about events that can be confirmed in important news portals around the world and his speeches are those of influential people, indisputable.

The fear of the possible “Third World War” is so great that several experts have already studied and confirmed the possibility, and Russia itself declared about the event.

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