The Contingent Plan Helps Employers and Jobseekers to Connect in This Competitive Market

Finding employees or finding a job in such a competitive market can cause stress and anxiety, not knowing when the perfect candidate or the dream role will come along. Many companies offer their services writing or analyzing resumes to make sure they can find a good fit. However, there have been barriers created by talent acquisition technology that has made the hiring process more challenging. That is why The Contingent Plan helps employers and jobseekers to connect in this competitive market.


How The Contingent Plan came to be


The Contingent Plan is led by Kathy Harrell-Latham, who has seen the hiring market change multiple times throughout her career. She started as a boutique firm lawyer, where she practiced for ten years. Later on, she moved in-house, working as a business partner, helping companies achieve their goals. Her career was not predisposed as an HR manager, but she was involved in the talent acquisition process that led to hiring thousands of employees across the US. She reached a point in her career where she realized her talent, experience, and knowledge would be of great use for employers and jobseekers across the country.


“I lead a team that breaks down the barriers created by the technology that is supposed to make the process easier to find and fill jobs,” says The Contingent Plan’s CEO. “We connect employers and job seekers by translating the processes and language used by talent acquisition technology. These services are unique because we combine the proprietary insights of the technology, feedback from employers gained through recruiting, and we focus on delivering solutions for employers and job seekers.”


Why The Contingent Plan succeeds


For employers to find the perfect candidate and jobseekers to find their dream role, there has to be a process that combines the best of talent acquisition and human resources. That is why The Contingent Plan has combined their knowledge and the market changes to help their clients reach their personal and professional goals. How is it that they do it?


Job seeking and hiring can be extremely challenging processes. Although technology has been put in place to make it easier, these improvements have created barriers. That is why The Contingent Plan helps employers and jobseekers to connect in this competitive market.

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