“The Hidden Legend”: Monsta Yo

The Hidden Legend, Long Beach pioneer hip-hop artist Monsta Yo

Who would have thought that a hidden legend resided in a prison cell? Long Beach pioneer hip-hop artist Monsta Yo, a true heavy hitter, has stepped back on the scene from the shadows of his confines. Where he has dropped hit after hit, letting the world experience a different type of vibe that is unlike any sound we have heard in a while. His unique style and raw and gritty truth makes you aware that he is the real deal! Incarcerated since the age of 16. He has spent 27 years behind bars. 17 of those years were spent in solitary confinement, where he found his purpose through education and academics. He has always been musical. Inspired by Tray Deee, Warren G, and many others, he realized that it was his time to come back on the scene and show the world what he was capable of. And so he did, releasing powerful songs like “A Monsta Yo Story, ” “Acquainted,” “Sociopath,” “Don’t Wanna Lose You” and “A Monsta Show aka Rah!.” Monsta Yo has shown that he can hang with the best of them from a prison cell.

He doesn’t need a studio, he utilizes the tools around him to manifest some of the best quality of music you have ever heard. He is an extraordinary talent and a very humble human being. As he once said: “I’m a person of integrity and principle. I don’t betray my family or my friends. I don’t do this for myself. I do this for generational wealth so that the future generations that come from my offspring and my family’s offspring and my friends’ offspring do not have to work as hard as I’m working. It’s about paving a way. And that’s what I do.” He is truly the real deal and a testament of the human spirit that dares to have the audacity to not be a victim of their circumstances but instead a trendsetter who teaches us all how to turn a disadvantage into an advantage through hard work and determination and consistency…..

I would encourage you all to go support “Monsta Yo” music. You will not be disappointed. His music is streaming on all platforms. Go check him out and experience the vibe of the hidden legend known as “Monsta Yo!!!!”

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