The Importance of Realistic Thinking & Taking Calculated Risk

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People say investing in real estate is risky, but not investing in your financial future is even riskier. Statistically speaking, with the rise of inflation and the high likelihood of social security being bankrupt for most people when retirement hits, we can’t afford to take the risk and start the real estate investing diet. 

People with this way of thinking live in a non-negotiable way of thinking, meaning there is no lack, there is only more, there is a solution, or there is a way. If they finally do get a call but don’t have the money available to purchase the deal 100 percent, being an abundant thinker means they would already know which exit strategy to use for the particular deal, whom to contact, or if they should walk away. Most people who start in real estate investing don’t get a deal for two years, mainly because of the learning curve associated with finding deals, building the network, and what to do once a deal is found. 

The key to making millions in real estate investing is constantly in a state of resourcefulness. Successful people are not all geniuses or come from trust funds. In all actuality, most people started from ground zero. The common denominator is their ability to be resourceful and think realistically. 

Daily Intake 

Like any diet, you have a daily caloric intake. If you’re trying to gain weight, you take in more calories; if you are trying to lose weight, you must put your body in a caloric deficit. If you’re trying to become a real estate investor and make millions of dollars, you must have a daily intake of real estate investing education. You must spend, at minimum, an hour each day learning about the different aspects of real estate, particularly in the area where you wish to invest. For instance, if you’re trying to gain weight and based on your weight, you must consume 2,200 calories a day, and you’re consuming 1,000, what do you think is going to happen? What do you think the results will be if you’re working out and only consuming 1,000 calories a day and trying to gain weight? Nothing, you are defeating the purpose of one; being on a diet and number two, you will never get any results, and if you do, it would be the opposite of the results you are looking for. Risk

Now that you understand the importance of your daily intake to achieve desired results let’s break down what you will need to do. 

Repeat this three days per week for mediocre results. To achieve optimal results, repeat five to seven days a week consistently for 90 days. Risk

I know that some people reading this just made a thousand excuses in their heads for why this is not possible. Most people give the excuse of time. However, people make time for the things they want to make time for. Let’s think about this for a moment. There are 24 hours in a day. We have eight hours to sleep, eight hours for most people to work, and four hours to eat and spend time with family. This leaves four hours to do…what? How important is your financial future? What is your “why” for wanting to be rich, financially independent, or your own boss? Finding your “why” is incredibly important. It’s something that shouldn’t be glossed over as you embark on your journey toward financial freedom. Risk

Excerpted from The Real Estate Investing Diet: Harnessing Health Strategies to Build Wealth in Ninety Days

About the Author:

André Stewart is the founder and CEO of InvestFar Capital, Residual Roads Business Institute, and InvestFar, the first mobile app that lets you purchase, renovate, sell, or manage an investment property remotely globally. He is also the author of The Real Estate Investing DietRisk

By André Stewart

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