The Keenfolks Launching AI-hub for Future of Digital Adoption

Digital & AI entrepreneur and keynote speaker Miguel Machado of The Keenfolks runs a global Digital Gap Management Agency, generating 7M revenue in less than 3 years with multinational companies and start-ups in 40+ countries worldwide.

DGM is a 9-step process helping companies outpace the speed of consumer digital adoption, guaranteeing meaningful integrated digital transformation output by merging actionable digital understanding, strong execution, global deployment, and technical mastery. Miguel is transforming The Keenfolks into an AI-hub and venture building company by launching several tech startups and developing proprietary technology. 

Miguel says, “Nine out of ten initiatives run by consultancies and traditional agencies fail by turning out to be shiny pieces of execution, without integrated or long-lasting visions. By establishing a digital ecosystem, agile testing, and harnessing the power of micro-moments, we empower brands to bridge the digital gap with dynamic solutions that meet consumer needs.”

Since 2018, Miguel has assisted companies like Coca-Cola, Merck Pharmaceutical, Reckitt Benckiser, and Johnson & Johnson secure new growth through successful technology adoption and digital strategies. 


Miguel has 20+ years of experience in multinational CPG, startups, and agencies. He began in NYC with his partner Xavi Cortadellas to build TheKeenfolksand a new market Category Digital Gap Management®. With a great team, they are disrupting the advertising and Consultancy markets delivering an agile transformation to multinationals.

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