The Laws of Attraction Assisted Bonni3 From The 9-5 Norm

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Gabriel Comfort, Better known as Bonni3 is an American songwriter, entrepreneur and artist. Since a young age Bonni3 has been somewhat of a role model for young aspiring self starters. At the age of 19 with barely any money to her name she became a sole proprietor utilizing her own mind as a means of full time income. As an aspiring musician a regular 9-5 job was becoming a bit of a creation killer rather than any assistance to her endeavors. After researching she found sites that sold services she could not provide herself and offered those services as now her own services. Thus taking on the business of reselling. She stuck to providing services that catered to the business she wanted to stay in, which was music. Social Media is an endless pool of potential clients. Gabriel saw the potential in selling on social media before it became popular. After stumbling across Fiverr she changed her life forever. She began reselling services from that platform and started generating her own clientele. After years of perfecting her social selling skills Bonni3 is able to sustain her life reselling still till this day. 


Having the ability to avoid a 9-5 job has given her the time and focus she needs to pursue music. Music as an independent artist is not only pricey in cost, but can also cost a lot of time and dedication from an individual. Bonni3 has started a trend with many other artists and aspiring entrepreneurs as many have begun trying to mimic her exact business in hopes of being able to also resell and work from home. Each day Gabriel looks for new markets to tap into, wanting to be ahead of the curve and know where any possible clients and leads might shift to. Much success to this young woman who has implemented both of her brands as one and it has helped her following grow. She is known to many as an artist and a publicist. She gives gratitude to the book “The Secret” for giving her the mindset needed to believe in herself to accomplish so much with so little.

While focused on her business she is also focused on her music as well. Recently just charting her first single titled “Paralyzed” on iTunes which was a huge success, but she’s not content with small victories as she seeks bigger placements for her music and ultimately is creating content for T.V and Film.  Bonni3 is a female powerhouse and many could learn a thing or 2 from this tenacious sole proprietor.

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