The Machines Picks – #1 Handicappers in the Industry

The number of people who use The Machines Picks handicapping service continues to grow, which comes as no surprise to anyone. When you have a world-class win rate that has been proven year after year, people take notice! The Machines Picks has proven to the sports betting world that their system is top tier and continues to be highly profitable year after year. Members who are following The Machines Picks wining system are reaping the rewards daily. Every sports handicapper has their own system to provide picks, but the system being used by The Machines Picks is seemingly unstoppable!

High % Winning and Profitable Returns

The Machines Picks is currently undergoing another phenomenal basketball season, where they are hitting at well over 60%! Thus far, that has translated into over $40,000 of profits for clients betting only $100/unit. With the Big Dance coming up, these numbers are expected to grow even further as the March Madness Tournament provides another great opportunity to profit. The steady profits and high percentage winning are the kind of numbers that brought The Machines Picks into the industry over 10 years ago and the same winning is still occurring today. Not all sports handicappers are created equal, and The Machines Picks is one of the few we have found whose numbers back up their talk. Basketball isn’t the only sport they excel in, as they are also coming off another highly profitable NFL + NCAAF Seasons where the win rate was over 61%.

Why The Machine Picks?

Although not necessary, The Machines Picks continues to provide weekly free picks on their website as further proof of their success to all new followers. These free picks are currently on a 48-18 (73%) run as everyone who is following along is benefiting from the service that The Machines picks is providing. The free picks are posted on The Machines Picks site weekly and there is a plethora of great information to be found on their website as well.

When working with a sports handicapper, it’s vital that they care about their customers and the profits they are making. When you go with The Machines Picks, you are going with a proven, established winner in the sports handicapping world who does exactly that, win! In addition to the winning picks they consistently provide, they also advise on bankroll management to ensure that your risk management is handled properly. So many sports bettors do not turn a profit due to improper bankroll management, but when you go with The Machines Picks that will be avoided.

If you are tired of losing your sports bets or are simply looking to take your sports betting game to the next level, The Machines Picks has your back! The Machines Picks offers many different Membership options, so whether you are looking for a short-term profit or are in it for the long haul, they have the right option for you. You can check out everything The Machines Picks has to offer at and start your journey to being a successful sports bettor today!

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