The Magical Journey of Arlekina, A New Kind of Musical, Comes to Off-Broadway This Summer

“Some like it hot”, “all that jazz”, and “Lipshitz” if you know what I am talking about kudos to you, if not, its Broadway, The Great White Way – a dream of mine since 1999. There’s something truly magical that hits you when you go and see these extraordinary shows, the art, the talent – leaves you breathless. And speaking of magic, one show that has been in the works for more than 10 years is The Magical Journey of Arlekina by Eden Atias. 

The Magical Journey of Arlekina is a story about Old Erliko and Dell’Arte Park. Old Erliko is a butterclown; half clown, half butterfly hails from the Kingdom of Pentioga, who had been given magical wings called Eyosha by the good fairy that allows him to live forever. Erliko founded Dell’Arte park in order to bring joy and happiness, free of charge and without judgment, to anyone.

He wanted to create a place where the halflings from the kingdom of Pentioga and the people from the human kingdom could work side by side and could gather every day without fear of being together. However one day, one of the Dell’Arte Park’s residents, Mr. Fire viciously managed to take away Erliko’s Eyosha wings and Erliko dies like a normal butterfly.

After Erliko’s death, Mr. Fire takes control over the park and changes things for the worse. No longer a free park, everything that was once colorful, bright & alive is now lifeless and gray. The delicious, mouthwatering foods are now bland along with everything that was once happy and fun, are now alienated and evil.

Arlekina, is the product of the audience and as soon as the colors disappear from the stage,
emerging from her cocoon and becomes a butterfly. She saves the day with innocence,

happiness, and teaches us that money is not the most important thing in life. The park’s workers turn back into their old selves at the end, and the Dell’Arte Park will once again be happy.

I had the beautiful opportunity to interview playwright & producer Eden Atias, to give us some more insight on this truly immersive production. 

Q. How is Arlekina different from traditional Broadway/theater plays?
Well, it gives the audience the opportunity to be part of the show, from the moment you buy tickets to the show, you get faux money that says “use me at the show”. Each character has his own song genre, usually you will hear one type of genre on Broadway shows. This show is for the whole family, children & adults! It gives everyone a place in the world and talks about the most important thing in life, happiness!

Q. What can the audience expect to see when they attend the show?

Many times I heard people saying that it’s difficult for them to connect to musicals or to the theater because the music and scenes are the same. It’s too hard for them to sit there for 2 hours. It’s not interesting enough. I’m here to check this out, to learn, and to bring something else.

Q. Why only 3 days?

It’s a showcase, to give us the opportunity to get new partners & sponsors. To learn what the audience likes in the show, to be able to give a taste, and to make a buzz so after the summer people will want to come, and we will be sold out for a long long tour.

Q. What’s next for Arlekina?

A US tour as well as one in Europe & Israel. Hopefully a movie and a Virtual Reality game.

Q. What’s next for EA Productions?

Last bite will be back on stage in a different way and many more shows that are going to be different than usual. Basically to do what I always did in Israel, just bigger, better, and smarter, than before. 

The Magical Journey of Arlekina will debut on June 28th at 7pm at Abrons Arts Center in NYC and run until June 30. You can learn more here

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