The My Moxy Way: The Collaborative Solution For Stunning Hair


My Moxy Way Innovation

What problem does the product solve?

Even with the best care, your hair has to fight against the daily build-up of dead skin, oil, and pollution. Among that build-up are also ingredients found in many commonly used shampoos and conditioners. With Moxy Clarifying Shampoo, we’re cutting through all that to give you the best ingredients for your hair – while leaving out the ingredients that you – and our world – don’t need.

How can this transform the world or our day-to-day lives?

My Moxy brings the best of what science and nature have to offer together in a set of products that can be used more often than a traditional clarifying shampoo and conditioner. Using one of the mildest surfactants on the market, My Moxy can be used as often as possible to clarify your locks. There are also several known skin irritants, including kathons, parabens, and betaines, and environmentally harmful ones, like ethoxylates that don’t have a place in our hair care or our environment…. And they don’t have a place in any of our Moxy products. 

What is the “Founder story”?

After 50 years of selling ingredients to the personal care industry, it was time to put that belief into practice to create the best possible product for you. Now, using science-backed ingredients and natural elements, we create shampoos and conditioners that are safe and effective – without harmful side effects for you or damaging consequences to the environment.

How did you come up with the idea?

My Moxy was born out of the idea that we all deserve products that are good for us and for the world around us. The idea was to revolutionize the industry by leaving behind the harmful chemicals often used in other Shampoos and Conditioners and creating a science-backed/nature-infused product gentle enough to clarify with as often as you wish! 

My Moxy Way Reviews

What do customers love most about the product? What are they saying?

Its scent and that you can notice a difference after one use. We have gotten a lot of reviews mentioning:

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Where can people get this product?

Right now, you can find My Moxy on! You can also find us on Amazon.

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