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I once heard someone say that the best medicine cabinet is our kitchen. For a second, I went blank, but then I understood what they meant by that, what we eat, consume, and how to nourish our bodies is medication. Studies after studies have shown that when we add more fruits and vegetables to our diets, our bodies perform better; better hair, skin & nails, better sleep, and better mental health because we’re fueling it with the proper nutrients. I recently sat down with Orisha Oshun and Grizzy Tha God, the Founders of I Am Surviving Vegan! We know Veganism isn’t just a diet, it’s a lifestyle, a commitment, and if done right, you’ll never miss dairy or meat again!

Q. Have you raised a Vegan? If not, when did you decide to make this lifestyle choice? 

No, we were not raised vegan. We made this lifestyle choice after studying ancient African history & finding out how infrequent meat eating was. Ancient African civilizations out of Kemet & the Sahara desert continue to be some of the most harmoniously aligned civilizations with nature. They were also very spiritually in tune. Even Jesus fasted for 40 days/nights to hear from God. This reveals that even in ancient history, fasting is important not just for our bodies but even for our souls.

Q. What are the health benefits of becoming Vegan? 

The biggest benefit of becoming a vegan is receiving the best form of nutrients versus any other source. Your physical, mental, and spiritual health will all benefit from becoming vegan. The body must be fed properly to work properly. S.A.D. (Standard American Diet), is a diet that contains harmful substances affecting citizens’ mental, spiritual, and emotional integrity. While vegan diets tend to be rich in nutrients and optimize our own health, it can lead to total healing of our mind, body, and soul. Surviving Vegan is most popular for connecting our culture’s food to a lack of emotional intelligence, poor decision-making, violence, and complicated health issues. 

It is becoming increasingly important for people of color to read the labels of foods and products they let into their bodies, from the obvious products like hair relaxers that contain harmful chemicals to the not-so-obvious products like fluoride in toothpaste, deodorants, and gas station candy, that leave chemical deposits which eventually build blood disorders in the long run.

Q. What are the environmental benefits of becoming Vegan? 

Going vegan has a lot of environmental benefits, such as: 

Q. What are myths that you wish to address about Veganism? 

The lifestyle of a vegan is frequently considered to be affluent and expensive. However, according to a recent study, vegans spend 40% less on food overall than omnivores. Plant-based meals consumed at home cost much less and take one-third less time, according to weekly food diaries from 11,000 Brits over the course of a year. It has been said that vegan diets are inappropriate for kids. But, according to the British Dietetic Association, a well-planned vegan diet is appropriate for people of ALL ages. Because they haven’t had the “option” to eat meat, some people feel it is unjust to provide youngsters with just vegan cuisine. However, how can this be a force if they don’t have a choice in the first place?

Q. Much mock meat and vegan products are out now, more than 10 years ago. What are your takes on brands such as Beyond Meat, Gardein, Impossible, etc.?

Based on calories alone, plant-based protein is healthier than animal-based meat. But it is still better to opt for whole foods over highly processed plant-based and cell-based alternatives.

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Q. What are the first steps someone should take to start eating cleaner to become a vegan? 

The 1st step we recommend is to do a 21-day detox. Detoxing is the act of removing harmful chemicals, toxins, and waste from the body. We offer the #SurvivingVeganDetoxChallenge, a 10-day plant-based detox challenge that is created to cleanse the colon and the blood. The detox is high in fiber from natural fruits and vegetables. Over 10,000 people just like you have seen major success with the detox and noticed positive changes in their physical, mental and spiritual health.

You can follow I Am Surviving Vegan on their Instagram, and We sincerely wish you all the best on your renewed journey to improve all of your health! 

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