Three Privacy Tips for Influencers

One of today’s most famous career paths is becoming an influencer. Social media has allowed these individuals to grow their brands, collaborate with well-known companies, and reach millions of users across the globe. However, sometimes it can be difficult for influencers to protect their privacy. We sat down with Kyle Krzeski, Co-Founder of Removaly, to learn three privacy tips for influencers.


Removaly was founded in 2020 by Kyle Krzeski and John Bourscheid after their personal struggles with online harassment and cyberstalking. Their main goal was to ensure control over how much of their and their family’s private data was freely available online. During their research, they realized many hoops needed to be jumped in order to scrub their personal information from the internet. That is why Removaly was founded, to remove your personal information from the internet to keep you and your loved ones safe. An excellent tool for influencers these days.



The experts at Removaly suggest not going by your real name. It is very common and encouraged to go by a stage name or an alias. “The goal,” says Krzeski, “is to prevent the influencer’s personal name from being given when making videos, performing, or tweeting, among others.”



It is a great idea to create an LLC for your brand to protect your personal assets and sign up for services relevant to your work as an influencer. Removaly recommends everyone to register through a registered agent so that personal information is not on the state filing. “This is so that the influencer doesn’t give their personal information when they sign up for services,” explains Krzeski. “They can give their business information and protect their privacy.”



Many influencers, content creators, and streamers have been harassed, stalked, or pestered online in today’s world. According to Removaly’s team, the primary source for this information is people search sites such as White Pages, BeenVerified, or MyLife. They help you remove this information, so your followers do not have access to it.


The internet gives individuals around the world access to all sorts of information. One thing you do not want as an influencer is for people to have direct access to your private information and details about your loved ones. However, sometimes it can be hard to control what goes live and manage to take it down. Experts like Kyle Krzeski and John Bourscheid founded Removaly and offer three privacy tips for influencers.

To learn more or begin working with Removaly, visit their site.

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