Trick Shots by RJ Trickshot alias Zahidul Islam
Make Him an Online media Celebrity

RJ Trickshot, a Texan pool player, has become an internet sensation thanks to his
trick-shot videos, which have received millions of views.

RJ TRICKSHOT, also known as Zahidul Islam, has millions of views on TikTok,
Instagram, Facebook, and his YouTube channel.

Zahidul Islam, a 13-year-old from Richardson, Texas, was one of the country’s
youngest players.

“I began playing pool when I was 13 years old, and I never stopped playing even when
I was in college.” “I tried my hardest from the beginning to show the world my skills,”
Zahidul said in an interview.

His unique talent has garnered over one million views on social media thanks to his
influencer clips.

“I believe that this game is based on 75% mental ability and 25% physical
consciousness,” he added. Several shots are incredibly simple to pull off, requiring
only one or two tries. Someone else’s time may take hours or days.” Nonetheless, he
admits that perfecting a few truly difficult shots can take several days.

“Some of the other trick-shot players have given me a lot of encouragement, but I
think Florian Kohler, aka Venom Trickshot, and Mike Massey have made two of the
most significant contributions.”

The pioneer, who creates his own trick shots while also performing establishing
shots, is quick to reassure skeptics that he does not perform his stunts with an
electromagnet or any other piece.

“Many people have told me that I use a string or that there are magnets in the ball,
but honestly, it’s probably easier to make the shots than it is to fake them,” he

“A lot of people think I use a string or that the ball has magnets in it,” he explained.
In addition, Zahidul stated that he spends 20 to 25 hours per week playing pool. He,
on the other hand, considers trick shots to be “very much a favorite pastime.”

“I had no idea how many social media followers I’d get.” “I just kept uploading trick
shots that I enjoyed doing,” he said. He is the first to admit that he isn’t the world’s
best pool trick-shot player. To demonstrate this point, he cites a slew of talented
players who have posted on newer, shorter-form social media platforms.
Although the trick shots appear simple to the naked eye, they require extensive
rehearsal and planning to execute perfectly.

RJ’s trickshot entails launching four balls down the table in quick succession while
leaping over a stick strewn across the table. After a couple of tries, he finally nails
the sequence to hit all four off the diamond into the hole.
Even the tiniest details can have a significant impact on the outcome of one of these

Even the tiniest amount of chalk on a cue stick, according to Zahidul, can influence
the tilting of the cue ball and how it will try to hit others in its path.

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