Use The Hidden Science Of Sober Martial Arts As An Alternative Method

Sober Martial Arts

The Holidays have come and gone quickly, and while some of us created flimsy oaths to indulge less, only have a few drinks, and control our cake and sugar intake, others have taken the opposite approach and decided to hit it as hard as possible. Consume to soothe, the drug to numb, and abuse for a brief window with the same flimsy promise of “I can clean myself up after, this will be my last run.” 

We are in the heart of Dry January, a great idea and time to hold up the inner magnifying glass, look into our truth and ask: Do I really have a problem? Do I need to make a change? Why do I keep saying I will stop, and I don’t? This is not my first Dry January. Am I an addict? 

Sober Martial Arts (SMA) creator Sifu Matthew Klelin says, “If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ or are even entertaining the thoughts of “Am I?” or “What would happen if I didn’t do (fill in the blank with your addiction) ever again? There’s a strong possibility you need to look deeper.”

You can simply ask yourself the question: Is my life in balance? Am I hurting myself or others in any way? Am I lying to myself or others in any area?

Addiction rates are sky-high. They are a hidden plague quietly ravaging our society, robbing us of our wellness and creating a painful wall for those we love. They can harness many forms and substances and creep into all echelons of intelligence and stature. We have all been affected by addictions, either through our own imbalances or through someone close who was devastated by its pull. Whatever form it takes, your addictions are a lack of control and ability to know balance. The most challenging part of addictions is that they truly have a mind of their own and will deny their harmful existence while convincing you they are necessary for you to function. They need to win, and every time they do, you lose, as does everybody around you. 

Sober Martial Arts Introduces Electromagnetism (Chi) As A Way To Heal Addictions

While few actually take the first step to address the issue, even fewer succeed at permanently cracking the code to stay sober honestly and, because of failing, end up feeling worse off for trying or simply denying there is a real issue. While standard options such as rehab, in-home detoxes, AA, and many forms of counseling or drug therapies can be helpful and even lifesaving for many, there is a missing link. Sifu Klein developed Sober Martial Arts to address a missing link he felt would tremendously impact those who had either failed numerous times or wanted to try but were drawn to an alternative method. SMA was also designed to boost existing programs that were missing a component. Power.

Klein, who struggled with alcohol addiction at a very young age and got sober at 22, has studied addictive states firsthand through the lens of martial arts and body electricity. He says that addiction is an electrical state that can exist on an emotional level which then influences the chemical matrix. The feeling of loss of power, and helplessness, induced through traumatic events and their accompanying emotions and mindstates, creates an imbalance of needing to survive. This subtle obsession to survive continuously seeks to balance, however, it cannot get balanced because it only knows survival and dominance. This feeling of lack, or as Sifu Klein says, the ‘loss, need and greed’ of addiction, can only be healed through truly feeling one’s authentic power on a core level. Otherwise, the hidden threads of the diseased state will continue to grow and thrive, constantly creating havoc. This Sober Martial Arts process can liberate one to see themselves as never before. 

Klein, a Sifu (Instructor) in Wing Chun Kung Fu and also carries black belts in judo and jiu-jitsu, was always fascinated with the healing side of martial arts and spent many years mastering the science of chi (electromagnetism). “Sober Martial Arts was created to use the science of power, electricity, form, and intention to address the mental states and emotional imbalances of addictions so that anyone can rewire them at their core. You don’t have to be a Kung Fu Master to eliminate your addictions. 

The Dimension And Nature Of Electromagnetism

While talk therapy and meditation can help you stabilize, calm, and open new connections, we will rewire these states permanently through the specific movements of the body and its electrical states. Our bodies are electromagnetic generators and constantly absorb force from outside. We perpetually interact with nature’s forces, such as gravity and wind, air, sea, mountain, etc. These different forces of nature carry precise electromagnetic fields that can alter our cellular matrix. When we are in chaotic states internally for long periods, we need to reconnect and build the power to counter and balance those unbalanced forces. Thinking alone cannot heal the issue. It’s very much like a battle. First, you have to know the enemy’s weaknesses, and then you can neutralize them using their weaknesses against them. Addictions are a very similar battle except more complex. With addictions, we often refuse to admit we have an enemy and are harming ourselves and lying. The addiction to the need to win is too great, and the feeling of need and loss is too overpowering to battle from a weakened state. 

A Medicine Cabinet Of Positions To Deal With All Addictions 

Whether you have been sober for 20 years and are still unbalanced and need help, are a business leader expanding rapidly but getting blown away by addictions and toxic behavior, a pro jock addicted to painkillers, or a housewife drowning life away in a bottle with pills, Sober Martial Arts welcomes you to learn your power and become new. 

SMA is a precise system of techniques designed to affect the body to create the chemical and emotional changes you need to destroy cravings and stay harmonious. From there, you can begin the real work and build the power you need to confidently navigate through the complex terrain of trauma and the damaging reactive behaviors that can co-occur. 

You learn to control your states and, therefore, your entire perception of reality. 

Sifu Klein, whose clients in the wellness space have included Gwyneth Paltrow, De’Aaron Fox, and Vanessa Morgan, has successfully used Sober Martial Arts to help coach top industry leaders suffering from addictions and imbalanced states to create a massive shift in their lives. 

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Klein attributes his high level of success to knocking out challenging addictions, sometimes rapidly, with an unrelenting desire to help people see their hidden demons of addictions that create fantasies and absurd thinking and to provide them with a support system of tools that is unlike anything they’ve experienced before. “Once people see and feel who they really are, they can start to embrace that as a norm, becoming open to the wonders they can create and receive,” says Klein. 

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