Venciel – The Exclusive Clothing Brand With a One Year Waiting List

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Push the limits of freedom, risk, and performance. This is the ethos that Venciel, a French, luxury clothing brand, lives by. But before being a clothing brand, it is an idea.“Pushing the limits to the end, Venciel is synonymous with extreme,” they say. “Everything is extreme, our community, our sponsored family, our customers. We represent the thrill of life, the passion and at times, the excess.”


Created by French entrepreneur Pierre-Loup Dupré, the brand has become synonymous with the active and the extreme. After studying in top French educational institutions known as Grand Ecole, including Neoma Business School, HEC Paris, and Harvard Kennedy School, Pierre-Loup created Venciel. The name refers to the first luxury brand he created in 2018 called Wind Sky. When he revisited it, he translated it into French, taking inspiration from the commercial distribution model of Swiss luxury watch brand Richard Mille.

Bespoke Luxury

Venciel offers high-end, luxury items including hoodies and T-shirts. Made in France by skilled artisans with a strong belief in what the brand stands for, Venciel uses only the best organic cotton. The one caveat, however, is that interested buyers must be put on a waiting list, and only after one year of waiting, might there be an opening to buy the product. Their edits contain a very limited number of pieces per year to keep products rare, and every item is designed especially for the individual. Once a buyer does purchase a piece, they enter the wider community and gain access to further benefits, including private events.

Fit For Champions

Pierre-Loup has hand-selected his own collective of athletes to sponsor who align with the spirit of Venciel, from snowboarders to base jumpers, even horse-riders. One athlete is Charlotte Jarrier, former French horse-riding champion who is currently competing in the Louis Vuitton stables in Paris. The high caliber of clientele is indicative of a brand that is still operating discreetly online, not yet open to the public, but will be soon. Fans of the clothing have reportedly already made auction offers before the products have been released. But high quality comes with a price. The Venciel has seen some controversy in the past over its prices, which can range between $12,000 for a T-shirt and $25,000 for a sweater. But they insist that, like a watch, products are guaranteed for life. Purchases also receive servicing once every two years, to keep products always looking like new.


NFTs and Individuality

In the spirit of one-of-a-kind specialty, Venciel recently started offering unique NFTs with each product purchase to further establish the brand’s individuality. Following in the footsteps of other luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Adidas, each buyer will also receive an artistic, exclusive NFT with a strong value. 

When it comes to 21st-century fashion, style enthusiasts are looking for something more than just aesthetics. Buyers want mission statements, brands that care about wider issues, a relatable ethos. While Venciel is not a brand that will appeal to any type of buyer, it certainly aims to be the perfect fit for anyone looking for a fashion brand that goes beyond a flashy exterior.

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